Group Schema Therapy Certification Curriculum with Ida Shaw, Joan Farrell & Erlend Aschehoug

  • 20 Sep 2017
  • 23 Sep 2017
  • Oslo, Norway


by Ida Shaw and Joan Farrell  Schema Therapy Institute Midwest - Indianapolis Center

and Erlend Aschehoug,          Schema Therapy Institute Scandinavia

Group Schema Therapy was developed by Farrell & Shaw (1994, 2012). The GST model integrates their original group work with Young’s individual Schema Therapy (ST)(2003) & the ST outcome research of Arntz (2009). 

 This Advanced Master Class is intended for participants who have completed the Introduction to Group ST. It fulfills the advanced level training requirement for certification in Group ST by the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST). Each six hour training day fulfills one of the module requirements for certification. Module one focuses on interventions to get through the Maladaptive Coping Modes: including the avoidant and overcompensating modes and mastery of group empathic confrontation interventions. Module two focuses on interventions for the Dysfunctional Parent modes and accessing the Healthy Adult mode. Module three focuses on interventions to reach and heal the Child Schema Modes including group imagery rescripting, playful interventions and limited reparenting by child mode. Each module consists of equal parts of didactic with demonstration and practice with observation and coaching. Although the interventions are discussed in terms of their application in Group ST, many are just as applicable to individual and participants report their effectiveness in their individual as well as group work. Their second book The Schema Therapy Clinician’s Guide, Wiley 2014 provides an entire program of group and individual ST that is appropriate for brief 10-20 sessions or longer (1 year) outpatient and more intensive programs like inpatient and day therapy. It includes therapist scripts and handouts for 42 group sessions and 12 individual sessions. This ST program is adaptable for a variety of lengths and is transdiagnostic. This workshop is part of the curriculum for ISST certification in Group Schema Therapy. You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion that can be used in the documentation required for that certification.


20. - 23. September 2017


Gjestehuset Lovisenberg

Lovisenberggaten 15 a


Registration & fees

Registration fee: 6. 000 NOK

Registration includes participation in all sessions, workshop handouts, and coffee/fruit break each day. For registration and further information about the seminar, please see www.psykologbehandling.no or contact Erlend Aschehoug at erlend@psykologbehandling.no

Registration deadline is 15th. August 2017

For Whom Could This Workshop be useful?

This workshop is designed for those who have attended at least basic training in Schema Therapy. Interventions for individual and group ST will be presented based upon the interest of participants. The Schema Therapy approach, in particular the schema mode model is effective in helping patients presenting with all forms of avoidance, including dissociative disorders, identify the modes operating and employ the user-friendly Schema Therapy concepts as a way to understand and organize their experience. The Mode model is helpful for dissociative patients as it can function as a less chaotic internal system using the mode categories. Healing the Vulnerable Child Mode is at the heart of Schema Therapy. Many interventions are used for this purpose including imagery rescripting in relation to reparenting, trauma reattribution, and decreasing or coping with flashbacks and dissociation. Imagery rescripting will be one focus of the workshop as we have found it to be extremely effective with this group of patients.

About the Presenters: 

Joan Farrell, Ph.D. and Ida Shaw, M.A. are both advanced level International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) Certified Trainer/Supervisors in individual and group Schema Therapy. Ida holds the same in Child and Adolescent Schema Therapy. Together they direct the Indianapolis Centre of Schema Therapy Institute, Midwest Joan is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, an adjunct professor of clinical psychology, at Purdue University (IUPUI) and was a faculty member of the Indiana University School of medicine (IUSM), in Psychiatry for 25 yrs. She is Research director and Ida is Training Director of the Centre for BPD Treatment and Research of the Indiana University School of Medicine/Midtown CMHC. Ida’s expertise in experiential psychotherapies and her graduate degree in developmental psychology add critical elements to their collaboration. Joan is a member of the ISST Executive Board and the Coordinator for Training and Certification.

Erlend Aschehoug is a clinical psychologist in private practice, working with individuals and group in Kongsvinger, Norway. He has advanced level (ISST) Certified Trainer/ Supervisor in individual and group Schema Therapy. The past 2 - 3 years he has conducted several patient groups in group Schema Therapy under the supervision of Ida Shaw.

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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