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SKILL CLASS 5 | DAY 1: 4.30 PM - 6.00 PM

Building Bridges: Practical Strategies to Take You from Knowing You Need to Do Experiential Work to DOING It!

by Anna Balfour and Josh Hostetter

We know that using experiential work in Schema therapy is vital to helping the client have a corrective emotional experience and therefore, critical to the success of Schema therapy. Moreover,  perhaps you are one of the many therapists who find it difficult actually to DO it! So if you have wished you were more confident and had some idea of the words and actions you could use to DO experiential work with clients rather than just talk about it, this workshop is for you. You will watch two therapists do several role-plays of specific ‘BRIDGES": taking a client from dialogue to imagery or chair work. You will then have opportunities to practice those skills. Improvisation exercises will also be presented, which are used to encourage creativity and being present with the client. 

The workshop will also address the need of therapists who work with different models but are interested in ST and have limited exposure to learning this aspect of the therapy. 

Level of Experience Required for Participants: 


About the Presenters:

Anna Balfour

Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, LPC (PA/USA) Chartered Clinical Psychologist (UK). 

Anna trained in London in the late 1990’s, on the first UK Schema Therapy training course set up by Vartouhi Ohanian. In 2006, after working in Amsterdam and later working with a relief agency, designing and managing a post- war trauma program in Liberia, she moved to Pennsylvania, USA. Anna connected to Wendy Behary in New Jersey and went on to develop Schema Therapy in Pennsylvania, facilitating an ever growing group of therapists who are interested or training in Schema Therapy.

As an Advanced Schema Therapist, she loves supervising therapists and running workshops in the Philadelphia area on 'Building Bridges to Experiential work’ in the context of Schema Therapy; she sees this as an opportunity to spread the word about Schema Therapy and to wet the appetites of therapists not currently doing Schema therapy work!

Joshua Hostetter

Joshua is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and addictions counselor in Pennsylvania, USA. He has worked in both the mental health and drug and alcohol fields since 2009.  Joshua has training in several modalities of treatment, but it was Schema Therapy that best caught his attention; he is currently in the final stages of the certification process for Advanced Level Schema Certified Counselor.  He has  also continued to expand his experience and understanding of Schema by joining the Pennsylvania Group of Schema Therapists, by participating in an international Schema group focusing on imagery as a therapeutic tool in schema, as well as seeking further opportunities for supervision from both Wendy Behary, and Anna Balfour.  

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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