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JUNE 24 - 26, 2021 / WORLDWIDE




6.00 - 7.30


Emotional Acceptance in Therapeutic Relationships 

with Paul Kasyanik, Elena Romanova and Maria Galimzyanova

Includes LIVE Questions and Answers

Validation is among the most important components of therapeutic relationships in many approaches. Especially in Schema Therapy where Limited Reparenting plays the key role in the therapeutic process (J.Young, 2003). Being essential characteristic of the general attitude towards the patient it also involves specific forms and presentations depending on patient’s unmet needs, maladaptive Schemas and Modes. Validation also serves as specific intervention. Expressions of validation are affected by the therapist’s needs, schemas and modes. Some therapists experience difficulties in validating, and some even consider it’s wrong to ‘indulge the needs’ of the client, preferring the cognitive aspects of psychotherapeutic work. Therefore, developing specific skills of validation expression becomes a vital necessity in professional growth.

This master class will allow participants to understand what adequate validation is and to learn how to validate when certain Modes are activated in the patient: e.g. Vulnerable or Angry Child, Detached, Surrender, Bully etc.

Learning objectives:

-Build more comprehensive vision of the meaning and application of validation in Schema Therapy.

-Master communicative techniques and skills in using various form of validation according to certain conditions and Schema Modes in patients.

Training will contain structured presentation, video materials, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Paul Kasyanik, Elena Romanova & Maria Galimzyanova are Advanced Schema Therapists and Trainers/Supervisors, Directors of St.Petersburg Schema Therapy Institute.

Presented techniques and skills will help participants to express adequate forms of validation according to the patients’ needs and modes which will reinforce ‘Limited Reparenting’ ability of the therapist.


About the Presenters

Paul Kasyanik

Paul Kasyanik, PhD is the Coordinator for Certification on the ISST Executive Board. He has been treating patients, training professionals and supervising psychotherapists for more than 29years. He is the co-founderand director of the Schema Therapy Institute in St.Petersburg, Russia. He also employs a wide range of experiential interventions from sensorimotor therapy to fairy-tales and life rescripting with a strong grounding in developmental psychology and consistency with the Schema Therapy model. Dr. Kasyanik is an Advanced Schema Therapist and Supervisor Trainer in Individual, Group, and Child-Adolescent Schema therapy.He has presented advanced Schema Therapy training at EABCT and ISST Conferences and Summer Schools as well as in training programs in 12 countries

Elena Romanova

Elena Romanova has been treating patients, training professionals and supervising psychotherapists for more than 28 years. She has also been employing a wide range of experiential interventions from sensory motor therapy to fairy-tales and life rescripting with a strong grounding in developmental psychology and consistency with the Schema Therapy model. Dr. Romanova is an Advanced Schema Therapist and Supervisor Trainer in Individual, Group Child and Adolescent Schema Therapy and directs a SchemaTherapy Institute of St -Petersburg in Russia. She has presented advanced Therapy training at EABCT, ISST conferences and Summer Schools as well as in training programs in 10 countries.

Maria Galimzyanova

Maria Galimzyanova, Ph. D., advanced trainer-supervisor in Individual, Group and Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy. Being an expert and an author in the area of Child-Adolescent ST, she has developed a group model for children and adolescents, consistent with the GSTconcept by J. Farrell and I. Shaw and a ST-CA by C. Loose, G. Zarbock and P. Graaf. As a professor of St-Petersburg State University and St-Petersburg Institute of Schema therapy, she lectures onschema therapy both nationally and internationally to students and professionals. She has been treating patients for more then 19 years and her private practice is primarily focused on treating children, adolescents and their parents

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