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JUNE 24 - 26, 2021 / WORLDWIDE




3.30 - 5.00


Strengthening Our Connections in Teams: An Experiential, Online SafePath Workshop

with David Bernstein and Limor Navot

Keeping and strengthening our connections with other people is a challenge for all of us in Corona times.  These challenges affect us as individuals, but also when we work in teams.  SafePath Solutions is a Schema Therapy-based program developed by Dr. David Bernstein in 2011 to help teams work together more effectively.  In the mental health field, SafePath defines a team as any group that works together to provide care, for example, on a psychiatric ward, forensic hospital, residential treatment program, community outreach program, or school.  SafePath trainings are fun and lively, taking an interactive approach to learning that incorporates “serious games” and exercises, and makes extensive use of the image-based iModes tools.  The SafePath basic training gives team members the basic concepts and skills to function more effectively in teams.  The SafePath train-the-trainers program teaches team members how to coach and train teams within their organizations. In a recent randomized clinical trial of youth in residential treatment, SafePath teams functioned better, created a more supportive group climate, and had less need for severe, physical interventions, compared to usual care teams in the same institution (van Wijk-Herbrink et al., 2019).  

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have moved all of our SafePath trainings online to help teams meet the challenges of providing high quality care under difficult circumstances.  In this workshop, we give participants the chance to experience components of a SafePath online training.  We will simulate a SafePath basic training, asking the workshop participants to imagine themselves in the role of team members.  

About the Presenters

David Bernstein

Dr. David Bernstein is a Clinical Psychologist (PhD, New York University, 1990) and Associate Professor of Psychology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where he has served as Professor of Forensic Psychotherapy (endowed chair, 2010-2018), and Chair of the Section on Forensic Psychology(2010-2015). He is a former President of the Association for Research on Personality Disorders (2001-2005) and Vice-President of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (2003-2007). He was also Vice-President of the International Society of Schema Therapy(2010-2012) and is an Advanced Level Schema Therapist and Schema Therapy Supervisor. He is the author or coauthor of more than 120publications on psychotherapy, personality disorders, forensic psychology, childhood trauma, and addictions. He is the coauthor of Schema Therapy: Distinctive Featureswith Eshkol Rafaeli and Jeffrey Young and the DVD series, Schema Therapy: Working with Modes, with Remco van der Wijngaart.He is also the author of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, a reliable and valid self-report questionnaire for child abuse and neglect, used worldwide. He is the creator of the iModes, a cartoon-based system for working with schema modes (www.i-Modes.com), and the founder of SafePath Solutions, a team-based program for adults and youth with personality disorders, aggression, and addiction (www.SafePath-Solutions.com). He was the Principal Investigator on a recently completed randomized clinical trial of Schema Therapy for forensic patients with personality disorders in the Netherlands.

Limor Navot

Limor Navot graduated with an MA in Child Clinical Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  She worked in the Israeli prison service, serving primarily as the lead psychologist for the only women’s prison in Israel.  Her main work was conducting psychological evaluation and providing treatment to murderers and offenders with severe personality disorders. Currently she is working on her PhD at Nijmegen University in the Netherlands.  She integrates Schema Therapy with psychodynamic approaches to treatment.

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