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JUNE 24 - 26, 2021 / WORLDWIDE




4.45 - 5.15

"Jazz Dancing Activity with Rio"

Join us for a great workout to break up your day at the virtual summit! Led by Rio, we're excited to invite you to move parts that maybe haven't seen too much action lately.

The 30-minute workout invites you to follow along with Rio as you move through and let your own "street dancer" inside lose on your own streets, together with your fellow schema therapy colleagues! 


Introduction (Soft music in background: RPG ~ Rosegold ) 

·       Brief introduction into what we’ll be learning in today’s session

·       See clip of today's dance highlights

·       Before we get into learning the routine we’ll do an upbeat warm-up to engage our bodies and get our heart rate going.

10 min Warm up 

(: Michael Gray ~ The Weekend)

·       Jogging (60 secs)

·       Jumping Jacks/ Criss Cross(60 secs)

·       Calf raises (60 secs)

·       Squats (30secs)

·       Steppin (60 secs)

·       Shake it out/ grab some water (30 secs)

Full Body Stretches

·       Neck stretches

·       Shoulder Stretch

·       Tricep stretch 

·       Pelvic Stretch

·       Quad Stretch

·       Forward Bend

15 min Choreography (: Sam Sparro ~ Black & Gold)

Now we’re all warmed up and ready let’s get into today’s routine

·       Play the section of the song we’re dancing to

·       Breakdown the first 8 counts (step by step guide)

·       Run that section with music to get familiar

·       Breakdown the next 8 counts (step by step guide)

·       Run that section with music

·       Add both sections together (step by step guide/no music)

·       Let’s try it all together with music

·       Let’s do it one more time for the love of Dance 

·       Well done in completing today’s dance session! You smashed it. 

3 min Warm Down (: Tom Misch ~ It Runs Through Me)

Let’s go ahead and cool down: 

·       Abs stretch (30 secs)

·       Cat back stretch (30 secs)

·       Butterfly Stretch (30 secs)

·       Hamstring stretch (30 secs)

·       Standing forward bend ( 30 secs)

·       Roll shoulders

Sign Out (: RPG ~ Rosegold)

Hope you had as much fun as I did! See you soon for more good vibes and Big love!

About Rio:

Rio Walton-Guthrie

Rio is a lead choreographer for HTG Entertainment which is a UK based artist lead company specializing in "bespoke" live entertainment services.

Rio has led numerous performances on stages around the world, from Oman to Barbados, in corporate and private parties, along with festivals and member clubs! 

Rio previously choreographed at Tabot Youth Centre in which members have now gone on to choreograph for major artists such as Clean Bandit, Burna Boy, and Stormzy, to name only a few. 

Rio has always loved giving back to his community, including doing "taster" dance sessions in primary and secondary schools.

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