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JUNE 24 - 26, 2021 / WORLDWIDE




8.30- 9.00 PM


Closing Ceremony with 3 Acts Featuring Performance Artist Lisa Looping

If you haven't met her already, we want to introduce you to Lisa Looping, from Vienna, Austria, one of our favorite artists and performers who has been instrumental since INSPIRE 2016 in Vienna, introducing ISST members to the marvels of AcroYoga. Since holding our conference in Vienna, Lisa has recommended all of our AcroYoga instructors for every conference ISST has had since then--a core feature for all of our participants!

This year, you will have the pleasure to reunite with Lisa, meeting and enjoying her talent personally at the 2021 ISST Virtual Summit!

Following Lisa's life-long motto: “Do more of what makes you truly happy!” Lisa has made two of her biggest passions become her profession: Yoga and Hooping.

When teaching and performing worldwide, she works to inspire more people to "try-on" the same motto, to do more of what makes them happy, since it is her ultimate goal to contribute to other people’s happiness in the process of enjoying a meaningful life.

Lisa's hometown is in Vienna, Austria, where we had the pleasure of initially meeting her as she performed for our INSPIRE 2016 participants for AcroYoga classes, receiving rave reviews from fans!

Lisa loves to travel across the globe to share her love of AcroYoga and Hula-Hooping. Yoga has been part of her life for more than 15 years. In 2013, she started teaching and sharing her practice of AcroYoga and Hula-Hooping with others.

Lisa is a 2nd level AcroYoga teacher certified by AcroYoga.org and on the path toward becoming an Immersion teacher, mentored by Lucie Beyer.

Aerial Yoga is her other passion that combines two of her biggest passions: playfulness and flying without wings. Together with Sheila Falk from Aerial Yoga Vienna she is driven to leading Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide.

From 2005 to 2016, Lisa worked for the international performance company PhoenixFireDancers.com. Lisa performed on-stage, while also coordinating the bookings from her home-base in Vienna, where she also managed their training space, the PhoenixCircusArtsCenter.at.

In 2008, Lisa discovered her love for the hula-hoop. As she developed her talent and skill, she started her multi-hooping solo career in 2011 as LisaLooping.com

Join Lisa each morning and afternoon for her personalized yoga routine for ISST summit participants!

We'll also have a special performance by Lisa during the Closing Ceremony on Day 3, where she'll perform in three acts:

1. Multi-Hoop LED Performance
2. Aerial Hoop Performance
3. Aerial Skills Performance

Über Lisa Looping

Wenn Leidenschaft zum Beruf wird!

Lisa Looping ist eine österreichische Künstlerin mit Sitz in Wien und liebt es, um den Globus zu reisen, um für ihr internationales Publikum aufzutreten. Durch langjährige Erfahrung auf der Bühne wird ihre Show zu einem echten Highlight für jede Art von Veranstaltung. 

Sie hat sich leidenschaftlich auf Bühnenperformance und interaktives Stelzengehen spezialisiert. Ihre Multi-Hoop Zirkusshow glänzt voller Spezialeffekten wie LED, UV-Schwarzlicht, Feuer, Projektionen und Pyrotechnik. 

Ihre Auftritte sind ein faszinierendes Schauspiel voller atemberaubender Zirkustricks, untermalt durch ihre anmutige Präsenz.

Ob sie auf der Bühne, mitten im Publikum, auf der Straße oder als Walking Act auftritt - Ihr Publikum wird beeindruckt sein!

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