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JUNE 24 - 26, 2021 / WORLDWIDE




As Part of Our Virtual Extravaganza, ISST Presents:

A LIVE Performance by Cale,

performed in Los Angeles, California


SEGMENT 12: 9.00 - 10.00 PM

Central European Time





Acoustic guitarists and singers

Victor Torres


Jose Prieto

from Barcelona and Madrid, 

performed in Los Angeles, California

Joined by a deep love and passion for music, Calé possesses the magic to blend Rumba and Flamenco with Latin and Pop Rock rhythms. 

Cale creates an intimate relationship with their audience, connecting almost immediately with deep, guarded places in the soul. The origin of their Latin-fusion music, shaped and re-shaped through generations, is from Spanish-Arabic, North African and Romany regions. Over time, it blended with flamenco and rumba styling picked up along the way by the gypsy people who are their namesake.

The synergy of founding members Jose Prieto, Victor Torres and Paul Blazek has created a magic rarely seen in today's landscape of new artists. A university tour in 2004 whet their appetite for sharing their music nation-wide. They have entertained from Hawaii to New York or  Beirut.

Their first CD is “Vente Conmigo” which captures a broad range of human experience, from the brazen, raw emotion of Quiero to the seductive reverie of Dos Años Atras.

Their second CD, called “Noches de Mala Vida,” is a mixture of fresh Latin and Flamenco rhythms with pop/rock/funk and electronic elements creating a wide musical menu, ranging from “chill-out” instrumental songs to contagiously dancing rumba songs like “Noches de Mala Vida” or traditional tangos/flamencos and Latin/Pop songs like “Mujer Cruel”.

Jose Prieto

Jose Prieto is a musician, composer, producer, and guitar instructor from Madrid, Spain.  He studied music and physics in Madrid before moving to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Musician Institute of Technology in Hollywood to concentrate on his music. Upon graduation, he has been working as a professional musician in the past 15 years in Los Angeles, CA. 

Jose´s emphasis is on the guitar in the style of Rumba Flamenco, classical music, pop, contemporary rock and blues.  In addition, he has also gained proficiency in playing the piano, bass, trumpet and trombone.  He is the vocalist and guitarist of the Rumba Flamenco band, Calé, in which they have been performing locally and nationally in the past 15 years.  He has performed in TV shows as well as with accomplished musicians, such as, Kenny G.

Furthermore, Jose has been focusing on music composition, recording and production music for TV & Film  and different artists. 

Victor Torres is a well versed guitar player. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He has an ability to mix flamenco and contemporary genres like rock, jazz and blues to create very interesting sound textures within the rumba rhythm bases. Victor Torres came to the United States in 1997. Jon Secada, Alejandro Montaner, Carmine Rojas (David Bowie, Rod Steward), Ardeshir Farah (Strunz&Farah) and Kenny G  are just a few of the artists with whom Torres has performed with.

Victor Torres is currently recording at his home Studio in Los Angeles and performing all over the U.S. with his band Cale and the Spanish Guitar Duo Los Angeles.

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