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ISST Events Committee

Terms of reference: The responsibility of this committee is to oversee the planning of ISST events such as the INSPIRE conferences, the ENLIGHT workshops, and online Virtual Summits. This includes planning dates and venues, and planning the structure of events (number of days, number of parallel streams etc. This committee will work with professional conference organizers who may be co-opted on to this committee. 

For specific events, the committee will delegate details of the planning to one or more specific committees that will deal with, for example, the detailed timetable for the event, the use of the venue, selection of presentations, and the social programme.

This committee must also develop policy with respect to determining the location of future ISST events and to implement that policy in selecting venues for events at least two years before the events are due to be held.  These events are currently a biennial INSPIRE conference taking place in even numbered years and a biennial ENLIGHT workshop meeting taking place in odd numbered years.  The committee should publish the policy, and periodically review the procedures in the policy document and update them as needed in response to feedback.

The committee will call for motivations from individuals or organizations wishing to promote the hosting of an event in particular cities or regions, using an information template designed and updated by the committee.  The committee will then make selections according criteria set out in the policy and procedures document to ensure that the process is accountable and transparent.

The Committee must make the Information Template and Policy and Procedures documents  available on the Committee’s web page.

Chair: Travis Atkinson

Members:  Eckhard Roediger, Alexandra Schosser, the Media Coordinator

Co-opted members: Sara Cavero, Brendan

In consultation with the Treasurer when needed.

Appointed by Executive Board.

Reporting to the Executive Board

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