January 2017 Board Minutes

21 Jun 2017 9:10 PM | Chris Hayes (Administrator)

Minutes of the ISST Board Meeting held online

on Monday 16th January 2016 at 14:00 (2pm UTC)

2nd February, 2017

In attendance- Dave Edwards, Remco Van der Wijngaart (first 20 minutes), Joan Farrell, Travis Atkinson,  Paul Kasyanik (late in meeting). Apologies- Eckhard Roediger, Chris Hayes.

1.     The minutes from the December 2016 meeting were approved.

2.     Washington conference 2018: Remco provided an update on progress with respect to venues that the local committee are looking at closely.   Recommendations for keynote speakers can be made by the S&R Coordinator, and by members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Executive Board.  The final decision will be made by the Board.  Dave suggested Diana Fosha for consideration.

  • 3.     Quality Assurance: It has been agreed that individual presenters at the Vienna Conference would be sent feedback and this will be referred to the Quality Assurance Committee chaired by Susanne Vind who will organize to send it out. The question of which evaluation software should be used in future was raised. It was suggested that Joan, Travis and Eckhard meet to discuss this and communicate with Susanne.
  • 4.     ISST office: 
  1. Eckhard’s report on the upgrading of procedures in the ISST office was noted.
  2. It was also noted that the process of shifting the responsibility for the membership application process from Travis to Remco is going ahead.
  3. There is a need to clarify who in the office is assigned to what tasks,
  4. With respect to conflicts that might arise between ISST office staff and Board members, it was suggested that in the first instance these should be raised directly with the staff member and then with Eckhard, but should there be no resolution the matter be brought to a meeting of the Board as the Board has the final authority with respect to the disposition of office staff.  


  1. ISST symbols:  It was agreed that membership "level" logos for 2017 be distributed to members upon renewal of their annual membership fee.

Certification symbols will be sent out later once an up to date list of certification levels is available on the member database.  The ISST logo may only be used by Directors of ISST Approved Training Programs and members of the Executive Board. DE and TA will develop a simplified permission for the use.

It needs to be clarified whether we can or would like to issue of annual certificates to certified members once they pay.

  1. Barcelona summer school 2017: Joan reported that all presenters have agreed to participate; Spanish ST co-trainers have been invited. No contract has been finalized yet, but Jordi Cid will complete one this week and send it to Eckhard as Treasurer. Travis reported that the registrations system was up and running. The issue of recording training sessions will be explored. Travis answered David's concern for clinical confidentially if we record workshops in Barcelona.  Travis proposed that only short segments of each workshop be recorded as they are being presented (30 to 60 minutes), and that he, Travis, would edit all recordings before distribution to members so that confidentiality would not be breached. Recordings would only be accessible by active members enrolled on the ISST website. A consent form is needed for presenters to sign, giving their agreement to recording. The Summer School Committee will deal with this.

Ambassadors Program: Wendy Behary has agreed to chair this committee. Those selected will receive complimentary registration and €500  (approximately) for expenses. How many we can support will be determined by constraints of the Summer School budget. Dave proposed Ahmed Hanafy from Cairo, Egypt, for this program and the nomination was approved.

  • 7.     ISST Website access to self-report scales:  Paul raised the issues of member access to the various specialized self-report scales used in schema therapy such as the YSQ, SMI, YPI etc. Last year there were discussions about the complexities involved in making these available, and in particular within the legal framework of the USA.  It was suggested that Paul take this up with the Scientific Advisory Committee and with Joan, and that, if it seems appropriate a subcommittee could be appointed to deal with this.
  • 8.     Lists of research articles on ISST website.  Paul suggested that this be updated and asked if special software was needed. Travis gave this link to what is there at present:  http://www.schematherapysociety.org/Publications . It was noted that Eshkol, in his role as Research Co-ordinator, had indicated that these publication lists would not be maintained further.  David pointed out that with the exponential increase in publications relevant to schema therapy it would be a very laborious task to maintain such lists. He suggested that researchers connected to Universities usually have their own resources for accessing the literature.  Another way to access literature is to network with other researchers and perhaps this kind of networking can be facilitated via the website. Paul was asked to discuss this further with the Scientific Advisory Board and their recommendations can be brought to the Board in due course.


9.     Online general membership meeting: (Carried forward) Eckhard listed the following issues arising from te GMA for the Board’s attention:

  • #7: Review the financial guidelines about how to deal with double membership in a national ST-Society and the ISST (probably my task J)
  • #8.1: Installation of the membership board
  • #9.2: Report by Paul about the state of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and inform the members
  • #9.3: Report from Joan about the state of the T&C Advisory Board (TCAB).
  • #10: Find a financial auditor.
  • #11:  ISST symbols  -  see item 6 below.

10.  Procedures for selecting election committee:  Eckhard suggests we look at the timing of this so that it does not get to the last minute.

11.  Listserve guidelines: (Carried forward) Do we need to have more detailed guidelines for the listserve than those already in place?

12.  Member satisfaction survey:  (Carried forward) Suggestion from Chris.

13.  Date of next meetings:  Board meetings will normally be held on the 1st Monday of the month at 2pm (14h00) UTC.   Dates for the next few meetings were confirmed as follows:

Monday 6th February;   

Monday 6th March;

Monday 3rd April;

Monday 1st May (Workers’ day in many countries: is this a problem?);

Wednesday 7th June:  Meeting to be held in Barcelona in late afternoon.  What about 5pm (17h00) Barcelona time?


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