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President's Holiday Message: Reflections & Anticipation|Year-End Interview with Eckhard Roediger

22 Dec 2015 7:41 PM | Eckhard Roediger

As a member, supporter, or fan of schema therapy, you have many reasons to feel proud of the growth of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) in 2015. As the year draws to a close, excitement for the coming year is growing, with the highlight of numerous offerings taking place June 30 - July 2nd in Vienna, Austria at the INSPIRE 2016 ISST Conference.

Spotlight of 2015: Numerous events occured this year supporting schema therapy, sponsored by or collaberated with ISST, including trainings and workshops from ISST certified training programs throughout the world. A peak experience took place in St. Petersburg, Russia June 11th through the 13th during the White Night's Festival at the 2015 ISST Summer School. More than one hundred participants enjoyed workshops that focused on specialty subjects within schema therapy, including children and adolescents, group work, couples therapy, empathic confrontration in individual therapy, complex trauma, dissociation and personality disorder, research in schema therapy, and applying the competency-spiral approach. Joan Farrell, our Board Training and Certification Coordinator, worked tirelessly together with Paul Kasyanik and his team to organize the conference, and included social excursions to help participants connect with other attendees while exploring the magnificent city of St. Petersburg. 

Vienna in 2016: Once details of Summer School were completed, the ISST Board focused on planning for the INSPIRE 2016 Vienna conference. Our Board Research and Scientific Coordinator, Eshkol Rafaeli, searched for talented keynote speakers and developed an online portal for presentation submissions. Our Board Vice President, Alexandra Schosser, is finalizing details for the conference center in Vienna. Kristin Zickenheiner, our Board Treasurer, has been working to clear through layers of tax and financial issues involved with hosting a conference in Austria. The board is contracting with a conference organizer based in Vienna for a reasonable rate that will help ensure that all attendees enjoy a wonderful experience at the conference. 

To encourage as many attendees as possible from throughout the world, we plan to include reduced fees for attendees from economically disadvantaged countries. We will also strive to keep conference fees as reasonable as possible for attendees.

The conference venue will be at the large, ultra-modern Reed Meese Wien Congress Center in the heart of Vienna. The venue will allow for more space than ever, with presenters focused on the theme, "What is it with Modes? The Transdiagnostic Power of Mode Work in Schema Therapy." The deadline for panels, symposia, hot-topic talks, case discussions, workshops, and poster presentations is January 20, 2016. Submit your proposal at: INSPIRE 2016

Ambassadors: New plans for helping individuals from countries where schema therapy is emerging are being created by the board, entitled, "Ambassadors." We will offer financial support to select representatives who will then be charged with spreading schema therapy in their home communities. The concept of "Ambassadors" originated from the successful experience of Summer School in St. Petersburg, where attendees came from 19 countries. Several attendees were the only representatives from their homeland, and we would like schema therapy to grow in these communities. Details will be announced on the website soon.

New Connections: Our Board Public Affairs and Member Benefits Coordinator, Travis Atkinson, secured the foundation of our new media offerings for members and the public, significantly expanding the new website with several member contributions, and establishing a new, well-functioning listserv. He completely refreshed the website in the fall, and added numerous tools for all to benefit from, including digital recordings of top schema therapists, special interest group forums to help members connect over specific topics, and the ability for members to upload photo albums to highlight their work in their member profiles for the "Find a Therapist/Supervisor" search feature.

Member Exclusives: More than 80% of members are now enrolled on both the website and listserv--if you are not yet one of them, visit the website and complete the required "Double Opt-In" process to take advantage of member exclusives, including the latest edition of the Schema Therapy Bulletin (STB), a creation of our Board Secretary Chris Hayes and his co-editor, Lissa Parsonnet. Assembling articles from talented schema therapists around specific topics, Chris and Lissa have posted two volumes of the STB on our website, and a third issue is due out in January 2016.  Visit: STB

Streamlining: Joan Farrell continues her work fine-tuning our guidelines for training, including adding some "by-laws" to the guidelines themselves. Reasonable and fair solutions have been derived from different training conditions within many countries. Joan established a structure for regional subcommittees that can preview applications for certification, streamlining the process.

Member Initiatives: Many additional members continue to expand and broaden the impact of schema therapy through various workgroups of committees. Wendy Behary, our former ISST Board President, initiated a Brainstorming workgroup with regular meetings to support the board's work and fill gaps to help meet members' needs. ISST also provides member access for special interest groups for online meetings, including couples, children and adolescents, eating disorders, forensic issues, and addiction.

Moving Forward in 2016: ISST is growing rapidly, and much work remains for 2016. We encourage your suggestions for improvements to our current offerings, and invite your ideas to increase our roster of features to help all members benefit even more from being a member of ISST. 

Best wishes to you and your loved ones, however you may celebrate the holiday season. May we all enjoy a peaceful and joyful new year as we continue our work together.

Season's Greetings,


Eckhard Roediger


International Society of Schema Therapy

Reflections of 2015: Interview with Eckhard Roediger

Watch the ISST President, Eckhard Roediger, in an interview with Travis Atkinson posted on schemaTV on the ISST website. Eckhard discusses the highlights of 2015 in more detail, maps out some anticipated events for 2016, and provides some personal insights into his work heading the schema therapy society. Visit: ECKHARD INTERVIEW

Visit: www.SchemaTherapySociety.org

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