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Vienna is approaching, with so much to offer!

02 Jun 2016 1:00 PM | Eckhard Roediger

President’s Letter June 2016

Dear ISST members,

With less than a month until the ISST World Conference reconvenes in Vienna, we are happy to report that INSPIRE 2016 will be the largest conference in ISST’s history. So far, we have more than 550 participants! The Vienna program has a rich offering of 6 presentation tracks, including many special highlights, and will be capped off with an incredibly exciting closing ceremony and banquet party. A conference, of course, requires a lot of hard work in the background to organize and implement, and all of the ISST Board members are dedicated to making Vienna a success.

Earth-friendly: We arranged for free wifi for all attendees at the venue to enjoy, which will make it possible to have an earth-friendly, nearly paperless conference. Travis Atkinson, our Public Affairs Coordinator, developed an app that conference attendees will soon be able to download on iOS or Android smartphones or tablets that will contain all of the conference program, including abstracts and slides, along with many nice features for attendees to easily access.

General Membership Meeting: I am also cordially inviting you and all members to attend the General Membership Meeting during our conference, being held on Friday, July 1st from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Unlike our last General Membership Assembly (GMA), this is not a formal GMA, and members will not be voting. The official GMA will be held online in September to allow as many members as possible to participate, even if they can’t attend the conference in Vienna.

During this General Membership Meeting, the ISST Board will be presenting the many exciting developments of the society, including the rapid expansion of our membership numbers, and will be describing details of the work each board member has accomplished during our term over the last two years. We will also be introducing tasks ahead for the next board, as we see them.

General Membership Assembly: In addition, we want to present the preliminary agenda of the official online General Membership Assembly that will take place in September, and discuss this plan with all attending members in Vienna. This meeting will offer an opportunity for members to share feedback in-person with the board, and discuss our proposals with members in case any parts need to be refined before September's GMA.

Below, I am outlining the 9 planned segments of the General Membership Meeting. Please share any additional suggestions you may have with us on the blog so that we can include them on the agenda.

Membership Meeting in Vienna 2016: Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Development of the society
  3. Activity Report by ISST Executive Committee:2014 & 2015
  4. ISST goals and policies for 2016 and 2017
    1. Next steps of professionalizing our structures
    2. Introducing the ISST-App and its features
    3. More goals?
  5. Announcing the 2016 online GMA
  6. Proposals for the online GMA to be discussed
    1. Proposal of an ISST training director committee as a new ISST structure
    2. Discussion how to link national ST-Societies with the ISST
    3. Relation of the Executive Board with the Scientific committee
    4. Proposing an auditor for our financial report
    5. Other proposals that have been sent in by members
  7. Announcing the Board Elections – 2016-2018: Election committee, timetable, candidates
  8. Any other society business
  9. Questions and answers

I hope to meet and welcome many of you in Vienna shortly, and wish everyone a beautiful summer season.

Looking forward,

Eckhard Roediger

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