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ISST Board Elections Announcement: 2016

29 Aug 2016 8:12 PM | Eckhard Roediger

Dear ISST Members:

We hope you all enjoyed your summer, and that those of you who were able to attend our Vienna conference are still moved by the rich and inspiring experiences we enjoyed together. Thanks again to everybody who contributed in organizing the conference, especially to Travis Atkinson, our Representative for Public affairs and Membership affairs, and Alexandra Schosser, our Vice President.

With the arrival of the fall season, it is harvest time, and we are transitioning back to our regular work. Two items are at the top of our list: preparing for the ISST Executive Board Elections, and the online General Membership Assembly (GMA). I will address the GMA in a separate posting, and will now focus on the Board Election (BE).

Travis formally announced the Board Elections and informed you about the schedule in an email blast. Now we want to announce who will run again among the current board members and give you the revised “job descriptions” for Election Board positions. The personal statements of the current board members who decided to run again will be presented on the website and sent out by email, together with those of the new candidates.

This is a lengthy but important posting. Please read carefully prior to submitting your nominations to the election committee!

I would like to start by:

(1) Reminding you of our current board members and their positions

(2) Sharing an update on who has decided to run again  and who will be stepping down

We will post specific information regarding the responsibilities for each position, and further instructions from the ISST Board-appointed election committee, made up of John Gasiewski (Chair), Erin Bulluss, and Cesar Gonzalez, shortly.

(1) The Current ISST Board:

  • Eckhard Roediger: President (EMAIL)
  • Alexandra Schosser: Vice-President (EMAIL)
  • Kristin Zickenheiner: Treasurer (EMAIL)
  • Chris Hayes: Secretary (EMAIL)
  • Travis Atkinson: Representative for Public Affairs and New Membership Issues (EMAIL)
  • Joan FarrellRepresentative for Training and Certification Issues (EMAIL)
  • Eshkol Rafaeli: Representative for Research and Scientific Issues (EMAIL)

(2) Who will step down? Who is willing to run again?

With tremendous appreciation for their immense effort, collaboration, and thoughtful contributions, we will say thank you and best wishes to Kristin Zickenheiner and Eshkol Rafaeli, who have decided to step down after this term.

Eshkol Rafaeli as our Science and Research Coordinator worked hard to insure that our conference in Vienna was well appointed with some fine papers, posters, and presenters, selecting and combining relevant theme-related topics of clinical interest as well as providing access to the latest information from the scientific branch of the ISST; this in addition to his own demanding professional schedule, which includes research and training.

Kristin Zickenheiner as our treasurer did a hazardous and very responsible job guiding us through the Austrian tax jungle and always had a caring eye that we follow the statues and regulations. She spent hours with this unseen work and contributed significantly to the solid financial situation of our society.

Alexandra Schosser (Vice-President following Christoph Fuhrhans after his resignation April 2015), Chris Hayes (Secretary in the last term), Travis Atkinson (Representative for Public Affairs and New Membership Issues in the last term) and Joan Farrell (Representative for Training and Certification Issues since 2012) are willing to run again for their current positionsEckhard Roediger (President in the 2014 - 2016 term and Secretary of the board since 2008) will step down from the President's position and run as Treasurer.

(3) Board Positions:

Eckhard Roediger will not run again for the position of President of the ISST Board

Alexandra Schosser will run again for the position of: Vice-President of the ISST Board

Chris Hayes is willing to run again for the position of: Secretary of the ISST Board

Kristin Zickenheiner is not willing to run again but Eckhard Roediger is running for the position of: Treasurer (including Legal Issues) of the ISST Board

Travis Atkinson is willing to run again for the position of:

Representative for Public Affairs and New Membership Issues

Joan Farrell will run again for the position of:

Representative for Training and Certification Issues in the board of the ISST

Eshkol Rafaeli  will not run again for the position of:

Representative for Research and Scientific Issues

It is hard to find words that would adequately express the appreciation for the important and fundamental roles my fellow board members have played, volunteering countless hours protecting, developing and servicing the integrity of our important society.

We have a lot of talent, dedication, and passion in our multitudinous roles, amid the many demands of professional and personal lives. It has been an enriching experience to know each board member, working together to expand the schema therapy society. I feel lucky and grateful to be a member of this team.

Warmest Wishes,

Eckhard Roediger


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