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MAY 28-30, 2020 / WORLDWIDE



Day 2: Working with Parents in Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents

1.30 - 2.30 pm

Central European Time

Presented by Christof Loose, Maria Galimzyanova and Paul Kasyanik


Target Audience:
A. Individual Schema Therapists for Adults, who work with clients suffering

from upbringing issues with their own children; and

B. Schema Therapists for Children, Adolescents and Parents (Families)

How can we use the Schema Therapy model to work effectively with our young patients’ parents? One of the answers is Schema-Coaching for Parents (SCP). When we talk about SCP we mean a special form of psycho-education and parent work, often in addition to the child-focused therapy. In parent coaching we talk and act not just regarding the child, but the PARENT’S core emotional needs, adaptive and maladaptive schemas, as well as functional and dysfunctional modes. Parents certainly need to understand their children’s behavior and the needs behind their symptoms, but the SCP framework suggests that in addition, parents need to learn about their own needs, schemas, and modes. If we don’t support parents with these deeper insights, we might help the children to understand and express their core needs and deal with their modes and schema dispositions, but we won’t break the likely schema collisions between parent and child. In the workshop we follow the “Concept of Limited Grandparenting”, and for that approach we first need to build up a particular positive and open relationship to the parents. The workshop will also provide:

- Strategies for change in Child’s attitudes towards family relationship with an emphasis on collaborative techniques in individual and group Schema therapy with children, adolescents and parents;

- Specific interventions and techniques used in working with "difficult" parents

- An opportunity to practice innovative powerful methods specially developed to facilitate children open expression of thoughts and feelings with the therapist and what’s more important – within the family. Participants will also get acquainted with new developments in Schema Therapy board games.

About the Presenters:                   

Christof Loose:

Christof Loose, PhD, is affiliated with Heinrich Heine University at the Institute of Experimental Psychology in the Department of Clinical Psychology, and has a private practice in Dusseldorf, Germany. He is an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer in Individual and Children and Adolescents Schema Therapy. Christof was the chair of the Workgroup for Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents (ST-CA) for several years, and is the editor and author of several ST-CA books and videos (DVDs) in Germany. He conducts workshops and seminars in ST-CA worldwide.

Maria Galimzyanova:

Maria Galimzyanova, Ph. D., advanced trainer-supervisor in Individual, Group and Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy. Being an expert and an author in the area of Child-Adolescent ST, she has developed a group model for children and adolescents, consistent with the GSTconcept by J. Farrell and I. Shaw and a ST-CA by C. Loose, G. Zarbock and P. Graaf. As a professor of St-Petersburg State University and St-Petersburg Institute of Schema therapy, she lectures onschema therapy both nationally and internationally to students and professionals. She has been treating patients for more then 19 years and her private practice is primarily focused on treating children, adolescents and their parents.

Paul Kasyanik:

Paul Kasyanik, PhD is the director of the Schema Therapy Institute in St.Petersburg, Russia. He is an Individual, Groups and Children-Adolescents Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. Since 2016, Paul served as Science&Research Coordinator and from 2018 as Certification Coordinator on the Executive Board of the ISST. He conducts workshops and seminars. training Schema Therapists internationally in more than 15 countries. With the experience of more than 40 years his private practice is focused on treating adults, couples and adolescents as well as individuals in corporate settings.



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