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Webinar for members who are Certified as Advanced Schema Therapists, who wish to apply for certification as a Trainer/Supervisor

The semi-annual required 3-hour ISST Training & Certification Basics Webinar in English is now available as an online webinar to access in your own time. 

Note that this Webinar is ONLY for members who are Certified as Advanced Schema Therapists, who BEGAN their training before January of 2014.    

This is the Webinar that must be completed by all who want to be qualified as ISST Certified Trainer-Supervisors in any certification category (Individual, Group, Couples, Child & Adolescent). 

You only need to participate in this Webinar once, to apply for certification in one or more of the certification categories.

There is a fee of $50 for attendance.

Registration form

Please download the registration form and complete it and send it to this email - SEND EMAILI will then email you the link to undertake the webinar. You can purchase and pay for the webinar via this link. There is a 10 question quiz at the end of the webinar, in order to obtain the certificate of completion, you must get 8 out of 10 questions correct. You have up to 10 attempts to pass. Once you have received your certificate of completion, please email me directly to arrange for your formal ISST Trainer/Supervisor certificate.

Those who began training after January 2014  …

All those who began their training on or after January 2014 who wish to apply for certification as a Supervisor Trainer are required to have done 3 years of clinical work in which they provided Schema Therapy subsequent to their certification at Advanced level.  They then need to participate in a 12-hour Webinar Workshop (which will include the currently offered 3-hour Webinar).

Let me know if you have any questions.


Rita Younan 

ISST Training Coordinator

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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