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36 Schema Therapists attend the Trainer-Supervisor Webinar

02 Aug 2015 11:37 AM | Dr. Joan Farrell

I am happy to announce that the two Trainer-Supervisor Webinars were well-attended. The webinar set one time convenient for USA and Europe and attended by 18 and another convenient for Australia also attended by 18. Four ISST approved training program directors also attended who were able to give valuable insight to new supervisor-trainers. Attendees in general were very positive about their training and supervision experiences, citing self-reflection/self-practice as an important part of their supervision and development as therapists. It was clarified that supervision does not need to end after the ISST minimum is met, but can be a valuable resource throughout one's practice, at a lower  frequency. The specific three-fold Schema therapy supervisor roles:  mentor/role model, coach/teacher and therapist/limited reparenting agent were discussed as this differs from most other supervision approaches. 

 In response to my question of any "unmet needs" for new trainer-supervisors that ISST might meet, attendees asked for more opportunity to interact with other new supervisors via a blog or GTM scheduled meetings, local support groups, etc. In essence, more opportunities for connection. I suggested creating an online google group,  this blog and use of ISST GTM account to have some scheduled meetings as possible options. Anyone who would like to be included in such a group should contact me.



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