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Required 3 hour ISST Training & Certification Basics webinar

23 Feb 2017 6:42 PM | Joan Farrell

Dear Advanced level certified schema therapists:

 Required 3 hour ISST Training & Certification Basics webinar  

 This is the webinar that must be completed by all who want to qualify as ISST Certified Trainer-supervisorsYou only have to complete the webinar once. If you already have trainer-supervisor status or have attended you do not need to attend again.

 I will give the webinar in English on 

Friday March 24th 9am-Noon (EDST) which is 13:00-16:00 (UCT).

If there are a significant number of Australian members who need the webinar I will look at either trying to adjust the time or add another webinar session that better matches AUS time.

 We will do it on Go-to-meeting (GTM). Please email Farrell@iupui.edu to reserve a spot. Shortly I will send you more information and an invitation with instructions about downloading GTM. . The cost is $45.00 which can be paid via paypal. I will send paypal invoices.

If you have not yet completed certification, but will finish advanced certification by the end of this year you may still register for the webinar.

As an alternative to this webinar, there are a variety of trainers authorized by ISST to provide this required webinar in other languages – these include German, Swedish, Italian, which you may attend – sorry if I have missed any. 

Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Warm regards,



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