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Workshop 10: Saturday Late Afternoon (S3W10) - 90 Minutes

Refining Supervision Skills

in Schema Therapy

by Randi Meier Øibakken 


Drawing upon the values, intentions, and therapeutic skills that we practice in Schema therapy, this workshops aim is to refine the supervision skills that are so crucial to foster competent practitioners.

Sometimes in therapy the patient wants help in a certain way. And sometimes we will give the patient what they ask, but at other times we will suggest another way of dealing with the problem than what they have requested. The same goes for supervision.

Sometimes the supervisee has a very specific agenda, and sometimes they ask more broadly for ideas. In both situations the supervisor can listen for alternatives ways, and present them to the supervisee to maybe make them more attentive to their needs.

Refinement of supervision is about listening for the key element in the presented supervision case, and at times helping the supervisee looking for solutions at other places than they are looking. This, as in therapy, requires a very delicate attention to and respect for the supervisee’s own agenda, learning style and comfort.

The workshop will start off defining the different supervisor roles, and the different supervisor skills needed to introduce and administer these different roles.

Inspired by vignettes (or from the participants own examples) we will practice introducing the different supervisor roles to the supervisee. Secondly, we will practice the different supervisor roles to make the workshops participants more comfortable with shifting supervisor roles.

The participants will as part of the workshop get the opportunity of mapping their own supervisor preferences.

Target Audience:

Everyone working as a supervisor or about to become a supervisor. No other experience required

Learning Objectives:

Develop therapeutic skills to incorporate positive schemas into case conceptualization, psychoeducation, and the change phase of schema therapy

Teaching Methods:

PowerPoint, role play and modelling, “supervisor preference-test”

Implications for everyday clinical practice in Schema Therapy:

Becoming more aware and deliberate as supervisor

Relevant Background Readings on Topic:

Bring an example from your own supervision portfolio that you want to work with in the roleplays

About the Presenter:

Randi Meier Øibakken 

Being one of few trainers and supervisors in Denmark, I have, together with Susanne Vind, the privilege to offer a two-year specialist training in Schema Therapy.

The specialist training is approved by the Danish association of Psychologists and the Danish association of Psychiatrists. And consists of 60 hours of supervision and 96 hours of teaching and training.

Schema supervision has been part of my CV the last 8 years, and CBT supervision the last 20 years. As Chief Psychologist at Frederiksberg Psychiatry, Copenhagen, I was fortunate to be part of the implementation process of Schema Therapy (GST) in the psychiatry in Denmark in 2013.

I am the co-writer of the book “CBT Supervision” from 2016.

Clinical Psychologist from Copenhagen University, 1997. Licensed psychologist 2001. Specialist 2006, and supervisor 2008.

Lecturer at Copenhagen University, 2007-2016. Now a private practitioner.


Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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