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  • 16 Mar 2015 3:00 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

    "White Nights: The Ultimate St. Petersburg Experience" ~Lonely Planet

    Reality Trumps Dreams

    What is the number one experience to have in St. Petersburg? According to Lonely Planet, it is the White Nights Festival, and it is not to be missed! During mid-June, the sun never fully sets, but slumps toward the horizon, creating magical white-grey nights.St. Petersburg stays alive, with festivals throughout the city in a relaxed atmosphere. The White Nights Festival showcases world premieres of opera and ballet, and performances are held throughout the city. Poet Joseph Brodsky described the White Nights, writing "it's hard to fall asleep because it's too light and because any dream will be inferior to this reality."

    ISST Summer School
    Do you want to enhance your skills and expertise as a schema therapist? ISST invites you to join us for Summer School 2015. We will be hosting top experts in the field of schema therapy to present at workshops designed to help you broaden and expand your work with select populations and areas. It is also an opportunity to earn the continuing education credits required of all certified schema therapists or add to your work toward certification.

    Since this is one of the busiest travel times to St. Petersburg, we suggest that you make your travel reservations now. ISST Summer School will take place June 11th through the 13th. The conference will be held at the centrally located Holiday Inn St. Petersburg Moskovskye Vorota.

    Don't miss this opportunity to share your ideas with international colleagues informally, and to connect with fellow schema therapists who share your interests from around the world.

    Visit the Summer School page on the website for more details about the conference, including program listings, and exciting social adventures. Early-Bird discounts end April 10th.

  • 06 Feb 2015 12:17 PM | Anonymous

    by Travis Atkinson

    We would like to congratulate three of our ISST members, Gitta Jacob, Hannie van Genderen, and Laura Seebauer, on the upcoming English version publication of their book, Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns, due out on March 9, 2015 (Wiley-Blackwell). A description from the publisher follows:

    Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns is the first schema-mode focused resource guide aimed at schema therapy patients and self-help readers seeking to understand and overcome negative patterns of thinking and behavior.

    • Represents the first resource for general readers on the mode approach to schema therapy
    • Features a wealth of case studies that serve to clarify schemas and modes and illustrate techniques for overcoming dysfunctional modes and behavior patterns
    • Offers a series of exercises that readers can immediately apply to real-world challenges and emotional problems as well as the complex difficulties typically tackled with schema therapy
    • Includes original illustrations that demonstrate the modes and approaches in action, alongwith 20 self-help mode materials which are also available online
    • Written by authors closely associated with the development of schema therapy and the schema mode approach

    "The authors have distilled their extensive clinical experience as therapists, supervisors, trainers and researchers in Schema Therapy into a wonderfully clear and enlightening self-help guide. Their ability to explain and address complex issues in such a straightforward and compassionate manner means that this book will be invaluable for people struggling with ‘negative thinking patterns’, and a great inspiration for therapists looking to explain the concepts and ideas of schema therapy to others. Harnessing the use of mental imagery is a useful addition too to many standard texts. Super case examples and vivid images illustrate the concepts throughout."—Emily Holmes, MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge UK and Department for Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 

    "This book is an amazingly successful explanation of the essence of Schema Therapy. It is perfect for anyone interested in understanding what drives our emotional, thinking and behavioral patterns, and how those patterns can be changed. It is already a bestseller in the Netherlands and Germany and a great help to its readers, so it is fantastic that it is now available in English."—Arnoud Arntz, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Gitta Jacob is a Clinical Psychologist and Schema Therapist at GAIA, a therapy development and research company in Hamburg, Germany. A founding board member of the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST), Dr. Jacob is also co-author of Schema Therapy in Practice: An Introductory Guide to the Schema Mode Approach (2012).

    Hannie van Genderen is a Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor of the Dutch Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy, and Chair of the Dutch Schema Therapy Association. She is also a Psychotherapist at the Maastricht Community Mental Health Centre and co-author of Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder (2009).

    Laura Seebauer is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Schema Therapist in the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University Medical Centre, University of Freiburg, Germany.

    Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns is also available in Dutch and German:

    Jacob G., van Genderen H. & Seebauer L. (2011). Andere Wege gehen. Lebensmuster verstehen und verändern - ein schematherapeutisches Selbsthilfebuch. Weinheim: Beltz.

    Genderen, H. van, Jacob, G. & Seebauer, L. (2012). Patronen doorbreken, Negatieve gevoelens en gewoonten herkennen en veranderen. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Nieuwezijds.

  • 12 Dec 2014 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    by Travis Atkinson

    Thomas Kalpakoglou, a member of the Greek Society for Schema Therapy and of ISST, was elected President of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) last September. Thomas has been part of the EABCT family for many years, beginning as the Representative of the Greek Association for Behavioural Modification (GBA). He was one of the first members of EABCT’s working group on Training Standards. From the post of Training Coordinator, Thomas made significant advancements to the EABCT’s Accreditation Protocol, introduced the Standardized Accreditation Scheme and initiated the standards for supervision. Thomas has also served as EABCT’s Interim Secretary (2012) and Treasurer (2013).

    Goals: Thomas wants to fulfill his main goals as president to maintain and enhance EABCT's reputation, to build more strategic training links, and to ensure that high-standard CBT training is available in all parts of Europe. He also wants to make EABCT conferences more accessible to members. 

    About Thomas: Thomas was awarded a BA Honors degree in Psychology and Computer Science at Keele University (UK) and carried out his PhD research at the Victoria University of Manchester (UK). He now lives in Athens, working as a therapist, tutor and supervisor, both for CBT and Schema Therapy. He is the Managing Director of the Continuous Professional Development Centre for Cognitive and Behavioural Studies in Athens. In his spare time, Thomas likes to travel and fly small airplanes in the sunny Greek skies.

  • 11 Dec 2014 2:18 PM | Anonymous

    The board approved a new curriculum for couples therapists to become a certified schema couples therapist. The guidelines are listed on the schema couples therapy page. If you are already working with couples using a schema therapy approach similar to what is described in the guidelines, you may qualify for the "Grandparenting" option. Please read through the requirements, and if you believe you qualify, contact Chiara DiFrancesco, the liason to the board liason for the Schema Couples Therapy Workgroup: EMAIL 

    Grandparenting expires January 31st, 2015, so act now to ensure full consideration.

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