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SKILL CLASS 14 | DAY 2: 4.15 PM - 5.45 PM

Feeling the Healthy Adult Grow: Learning through the Ups and Downs in Group Schema Therapy

by Judith Hollands and Guido Sijbers


It is one thing to get rid of dysfunctional modes and schemas, but another to build on the healthy ones. During the course of therapy, the schema therapist is aware of building on things like healthy standards, flexibility, self-compassion, perseverance, strength, etc. Especially during the (phase of) behavioral change, the patient is challenged to keep self-confidence and faith in their possibilities. Here the patient, more than ever, needs the therapists’ support in strengthening the Healthy Adult (HA). Even at the end of treatment things can get shaky in sessions How can we keep track of letting the HA grow? How can we stay with the patient, but simultaneously give the patient confidence in their possibilities? How can we "withdraw" and stimulate autonomy, without patients are feeling neglected? 

This skill class provides a clear guideline for the needed therapist attitude and how to act in challenging situations in the last phase of (group) therapy. There will be demonstrations how to use experiential techniques to strengthen the HA in group and individual sessions. After the demonstration, the participants will work in small groups to practice these skills. 

Level of Experience Required for Participants: 

All participants

About the Presenters:

Judith Hollands

Judith Hollands is a Senior Registered Drama Therapist and Senior Schema Therapist in the Dutch Schema Therapy Register. Since 2009, Judith has been working with Schema Therapy, and is one of the founders of combining Psychodrama Therapy and Group Schema Therapy in a day center for Borderline Personality Disorder in Maastricht. 

Since 2013, Judith has been teaching workshops, with a focus on cooperation in multidisciplinary psychotherapy teams and in using experiential techniques in a Schema Therapy context. She is a co-founder of the Academy of Schema Therapy (Academie voor Schematherapie), and maintains a private practice.

Guido Sijbers

Guido Sijbers is a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist, an Advanced Level Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist and Trainer/Supervisor.

He works with Schema Therapy to treat personality disorders using individual and in group therapy in tertiary (outpatient) health care in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Previously Guido collaborated with Arnoud Arntz at the University of Maastrict, and was in private practice in Cologne, Germany. He has been training other therapists in Schema Therapy since 1999 (ptkoeln.de).

He is one of the founders of academievoorschematherapie.nl

Since the Dutch Membership of Schema Therapy was formed in 2007, Guido has been a Senior Member, and received Advanced Certification by ISST in 2008 as a Trainer/Supervisor in individual therapy, along with Advanced Certification for Group Schema Therapy as a Trainer/Supervisor in 2014. 

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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