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Responsibilities of Training Program DIrectors:

To maintain ISST approval for your certificstion training program the requirements agreed to in the original application for approval form must be fulfilled. These requirements are described in the attachment available HERE:

Program directors and Supervisors are expected to stay current on the certification requirements of ISST. You are the reference source for the trainees in your program.

ISST Logo Use:

Only approved Certification Training Programs may use the ISST logo on training. You MUST have signed permission to use the ISST Logo on any promotional materials, web-pages, and handouts. 

The logo agreement form is available HERE . It must be completed and sent to the ISST office.

Certificates of Participation in Training Modules

The module certificate form is meant to be used only by directors of approved certification training programs for stand alone workshops or modules designed to be later be used as part of a certification application. Information to complete numbers (1-5) can be found in the "Minimum Certification Training Requirements" document (also attached below) that refer to the specific certification curriculum requirements. These numbers should be used when filling out this form so that it is clear what requirement the module or workshop is fulfilling. 

Formal Certificate of Attendance for Certification Training Modules

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