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Czech and Slovakia  Schema Therapy Training Programs

The First Institute of Schema Therapy: Czech Republic & Slovakia

ISST  appproved Certification Training Programs in Individual Schema Therapy

from October 13, 2018

Branch: Individual Schema Therapy Certification Program Czech Republic

Branch : Individual Schema Therapy Certification Program Slovakia

The First Institute of Schema Therapy: Czech Republic & Slovakia was founded by Beáta Pašková, ISST certified trainer/supervisor,  in October 2018 on the basis of her long-term interest, formal training and enthusiasm for Schema therapy. It is the only ISST certified Training center for Czech Republic and Slovakia and  has an objective to introduce into the both countries this progressive psychotherapeutic method, which shows the significant effectiveness in clinical trials. The primary objective of the Institute is to introduce this innovative method in the native languages, Czech and Slovak. Therefore it has two branches of the training programmes - Individual Schema Therapy Certification Program Czech Republic and Individual Schema Therapy Certification Program Slovakia. The base for this bilinqual modality  is that Beata has born in Slovakia (previous Czechoslovakia) where she lived for 20 years of her life and completed 2 years of her medical training. Further life and trainings continued in Czech Republic, where Beata completed her full medical training, specialist training in psychiatry and  training in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Moreover, Beata also completed her accredited training in Cognitive-behavioural therapy in Slovakia. Beata is therefore fluent in both languages on the professional level. Beata trained in individual Schema Therapy in London and with Farrell & Shaw for Group ST. At the moment, Beata is the only ISST certified Trainer and Supervisor for both countries.

After completion of her schema therapy training in UK and obtaining Trainer/Supervisor status Beata was appointed to be the ISST Regional Coordinator for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Institute is intended as a training center  in Individual and also Group Schema therapy. Group ST is provided by Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw, who are faculty of the institute and bring with them their ISST approved certification program in Group ST. Their training and supervsision allows institute enrolees to complete the requirements for ISST certification in Group ST.

Addditional activities of the Institute are to provide:

  • workshops with a specific focus on certain problems or techniques
  • supervisions and session ratings for  trainees from both countries
  • distribution of literature, forms, questionnaires and other materials approved by ISST
  • presentation of interesting foreign guests, specialists in the field of schema therapy, personality disorders, child-adolescent, couples etc.


Website: www.schematerapie.cz

Phone and Fax Number (s): +44 7917686896

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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