Hotels in Amsterdam
Address of venue: Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam
You can stay in a 17th-century gabled house and still enjoy all the modern conveniences and luxuries you need. Easy access to attractions and canal views are available to all visitors, regardless of where you stay. Historical buildings have been modernized, providing impressive accommodations for the most discerning travelers. Hip hostels and down-to-earth properties provide personal touches. You may prefer the latest trendy spot, or a canal-house hotel. 
Amsterdam has a compact city center, with public transportation being a main source of travel, second perhaps only to the thousands of bicycles you'll see criss-crossing the bridges over the canals. For this reason, we highly recommend forgetting a car, and sticking to two wheels. Parking in the city is restricted and expensive, and can average €40 - €60 a day. 
The conference venue is located close to the main train station, Amsterdam Central Station. Because the conference will be taking place during high hotel season, we suggest you reserve your accomodations in advance.
We have broken down top-rated hotels by district, and show both pros and cons of each selection, along with average cost, address, and distance from venue. All accommodations are less than 30 minutes from the venue, with some in het Centrum being less than a 10 minute walk.
We suggest that you reserve your hotel in advance, since the conference takes place during a higher season of travel.

Cost Guide

 Cost is under €150
 Cost is between €150-250
 Cost is above €250

* Cost is based on current website pricing, as of December 1, 2017, and may vary; based on double occupancy, per night.

Top Rated Hotels in Amsterdam by District

Het Centrum: tourist sights, easy access to public transportation, shopping, and proximity to the venue are among the many upsides of staying in the center of Amsterdam. Downsides include noise and hotels that often lack character.

The Jordaan: historic Dutch ambiance and architecture fill this quiet area, along with candlelit restaurants. The district is only minutes from the venue and de Dam in the center of Amsterdam. 

Museumplein: this semi-suburban neighborhood in the area of Vondelpark and Museumplein is near the Rijks museum and van Gogh museum. Positives include good hotel values and proximity to multiple museums. Downsides include the distance to the venue (at least a 30-minute walk or more than 10-minute tram ride to the venue.

West Amsterdam: facing historic canals and showing ornate lobbies, you may feel transported to another century in the stately canal side hotels of the Toren and Hotel Ambassade.

Tips for accommodations: ask for a quiet room in the back of the hotel if you are a light sleeper. You'll see construction cranes and bricklayers throughout Amsterdam's cobbled streets. Parking is as bad as driving in Amsterdam, and not recommended. Canal houses have steep stairs, with no elevators. If stairs are challenging for you, be sure to ask if your hotel has an elevator, and ask how many and how steep the stairs are.

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