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Heidi Ashley

Glasgow, Scotland


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(PLEASE NOTE THAT CURRENTLY I AM FULLY BOOKED. I will update this notice when that changes.)

I’m Heidi, a psychologist and advanced-level schema therapist. I passionately promote schema therapy to help adults overcome their problems and move on with their lives.

If your problem’s been bothering you for a while, didn't really shift when you tried therapy before, or returned once therapy ended, you shouldn’t feel disheartened. My greatest joy and satisfaction as a schema therapist is helping clients like you.

It is possible to get so much more from therapy than simply insight or improved coping skills.

Your difficulties don’t need to keep overshadowing your life.

All humans are hardwired to heal and to grow, and you are no exception.

I can help with a range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, family / relationship issues, low self-esteem / self-confidence, or perfectionism and overwork. Lots of people reach out to me because their life feels empty or dissatisfying.

I specialise in helping people overcome childhood emotional neglect (CEN), trauma and emotional abuse.

I also enjoy providing a schema therapy service to other psychologists and therapists and have done so since the opening of my private practice. I also provide clinical supervision.

I am LGBTQ+ allied.

I’m an active, involved therapist with a warm and compassionate style. My clients describe me as a calm and steady presence and someone who cares and understands.

I’m an HCPC registered counselling psychologist with 20+ years in the NHS. I’ve been an advanced-certified schema therapist for well over a decade, helping lots of people just like you to recover.

I work with adults whose problems come from painful experiences in childhood. I help you overcome these by;

- building your awareness and understanding

- actively processing old emotion

- helping you break free from problematic behaviour patterns

Having the highest level of training and qualification in schema therapy that the ISST provides means I'm skilled to use this powerful model in the fullest possible way to help people recover.

I love being a schema therapist and am always learning and developing so that I can help my clients more effectively.

I see clients in person in Glasgow and also work online. Schema therapy translates brilliantly online.

So if you've had enough of feeling rubbish and feel ready for some change, or have been struggling alone for too long, take the next step and contact me (drheidiashley@protonmail.com). I'd love to hear from you.
Schema Therapy Glasgow
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Office, Telephone, and Online Video Sessions
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Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom
Level of Certification as an Individual Schema Therapist?
Advanced level Certified Schema Therapist
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Certified Individual Schema Trainer/Supervisor
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Not Yet Certified as a Schema Therapist in Group Schema Therapy
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Qualified as a psychologist since 2005 and as an advanced level schema therapist since 2012
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