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Where to Eat in Barcelona

Some of Europe's most delicious Mediterranean cuisine is prepared every day by the brilliant chefs in Barcelona. Choose from traditional Catalan treats, or from contemporary culinary innovations at some of the best restaurants in the city. Catalans enjoy fish, vegetables, rabbit, duck, game, and lamb, the Moorish legacy combines salty with sweet. The four basic sauces of Catalan encompass the Mediterranean diet: allioli, romesco, sofregito, and samfaina.

In addition to the restaurants, Barcelona is filled with bars and cafes, perhaps more than any other city in the world. Cafes are an outdoor living room and meeting place where everyone is invited. Catalan wines from the Penedes region accompany regional dishes, while wine from the Priorat, Montsant, Emporda, and Costers del Segre produce some of Spain's most exciting new wines.


Barcelona dines late, so expect lunch between 2 and 4, and dinner between 9 and 11. Cafes and tapas bars serve the need for hungry stomachs between meals of restaurants. Food is not a bargain in Barcelona, but even expensive restaurants offer daily menus that include two courses, wine, coffee, and dessert. Tipping from 5 to 10% is common, though not required. The best restaurants in Barcelona require reservations.


The restaurants below are all top choices in Barcelona, where reservations are essential. Plan ahead to make the most of your stay during ISST's 2017 International Summer School.

Cost Guide

 Cost is €20 and under
 Cost is under €30
 Cost is €30 and above

El Raval

Ca l’Isidre

CATALAN. Elevating your experience to spectacular, this traditional Catalan  restaurant uses extraordinarily fresh produce from the nearby Boqueria market. Reservations are essential. Average main: €38.    

Address: Les Flors 12, El Raval

Website: www.calisidre.com

Ca l’Isidre

Quimet i Quimet    

TAPAS. A tiny tapas place that is hugely popular. Average main: €15.    

Address: Poeta Cabanyes 25, Pobre Sec

Facebook page: Quimet i Quimet

Quimet i Quimet

Barceloneta and the Port Olimpic 

El Vaso de Oro    

An overcrowded counter serving some of the best beer and tapas in Barcelona. Avoid peak local lunch (2-4) and dinner (9-11) hours. Average main: €10. 

Address: Balboa 6, Barceloneta  

Website: www.vasodeoro.com

El Vaso de Oro


CATALAN. Situated within the Hotel Arts, Enoteca has a reputation for the finest foods in Barcelona. Average main: €40.

Address: Hotel Arts, Marina 19, Port Olimpic    

Website: www.hotelartsbarcelona.com


La Mar Salada

A place of great value and quality in Barcelona. Main average: €18    

Address: Passeig Joan de Borbo 58, Barceloneta

Website: www.lamarsalada.cat

La Mar Salada


Cinc Sentits    

CATALAN. For an all-out gastronomic experience, this is the place. Tasting menus range from simple to creative, with a foodie nirvana Gastronomic for lunch. €36.

Address: Aribau 58, Eixample    

Website: www.cincsentits.com

Cinc Sentits


CATALAN. A very affordable market cuisine with thoughtful combinations. The dining room is minimal off-white tiles and wooden tables. Average main: €18.

Address: Mallorca 304, Eixample    

Website: www.restaurantembat.es



CATALAN. A small, minimalist restaurant with local foodies enjoying a limited wine list along with some of the most delicious dishes in Barcelona. Average main: €20.

Address: Provenca 230, Eixample

Website: www.gresca.net


La Pastisseria

BAKERY. World-class cakes and pastries shine through the 2011 world pastry chef of the year award of the owner, Josep Rodriguez. Everything on the menu is hand-made, while prices are still reasonable. Average main: €10.

Address: Arago 228, Eixample    

Website: www.lapastisseriabarcelona.com

La Pastisseria

La Taverna Del Clinic    

TAPAS. A cramped bar spills into a sunny terrace to serve contemporary tapas based on Catalan and Galician flavors. Average main: €25.

Address:  Carrer Rosello 155, Eixample   

Website: www.latavernadelclinic.com

La Taverna Del Clinic


CATALAN. Chef Jordi Herrera serves unforgettable dishes in an edgy dining room perfectly complimenting the cuisine. Average main: €20.   

Address: Diputado 424, Eixample 

Website: www.manairo.com


Roca Moo

CATALAN. A spectacular space with a menu designed by world-renowned El Cellar de Can Roca team. Average main: €28. 

Address: Rosello 265, Eixample   

Website: www.hotelomm.es/en/roca-moo

Roca Moo

Sarria, Pedralbes, and Sant Gervasi


MEDITERRANEAN. Serving modern cuisine with fresh market produce and house wines offering both quality and value. Average main: €20. 

Address: Santalo 101, Sant Gervasi

Website: www.restaurante-silvestre.com   



CATALAN. One of Barcelona’s finest culinary restaurants, you may want to request a table in the garden in nice weather. Average main: €22.


Address: Major de Sarria 121, Sarria

Website: www.tram-tram.com   


Via Veneto 

 CATALAN. A contemporary menu with old-school classics, you are sure to have a memorable experience. Average main: €38.

Address: Ganduxer 10, Sarria

Website: www.viavenetorestaurant.com

Via Veneto

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