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ISST Executive Board Meeting Minutes

02 Nov 2021 7:30 PM | Leonardo Mendes Wainer (Administrator)
  • Meeting Minute Summaries May – October 2021



    May 13, 2021


  • ·      Update on Summit Planning- on track
  • ·      Update on new ISST Website development
  • o   Hosted in Germany
  • o   3-4 months to finish
  • ·      Media Committee
  • o   Agreement that Secretary will help recruit committee, then pass chair position to EB Media Coordinator
  • ·      Training
  • o   Addressing questions re: online training
  • o   Possibility of ISST approving training in specializations
  • o   Explore proposal of having members who give continuing education trainings submit yearly report including content taught, for approval
  • ·      Certification
  • o   Need to further explore cross-border practice of ST, eg: member trained in one country practicing in another
  • ·      Webinar Committee
  • o   Expanding diversity of membership
  • o   Starting unique zoom account
  • o   Project to build catalog of webinars


    June 10, 2021


  • ·      General Items
  • o   Question of member payment from countries facing sanctions
  • o   Update of EB election rules presented to EB for review
  • ·      Summit
  • o   Coordination of work
  • o   When to begin planning 2022
  • ·      Website
  • o   New ISST Instagram account going well
  • o   Board agrees to policy of ISST account not following people or groups on social media, for risk of appearing to support
  • o   Board reviews and approves new website wireframe
  • ·      Research and Science
  • o   ISST Literature Reference Inventory being standardized by format included in a reference management software program, soon to be available for members.
  • ·      Committees
  • o   Vice President and Secretary will be updating regulations regarding management of committees

    July 8, 2021


  • ·      General Items
  • o   Question of EB as review panel for Ethics Committee, vs individual members playing this role
  • o   Need to establish “standardized permission to record sessions” document
  • §  ISST lawyer to review
  • §  Clause respecting local privacy regulations
  • o   Review and Update ISST admin staff management process
  • o   EB votes to approve new election rules
  • o   Discussion of whether to change EB term of service from 2 years to 4
  • §  Allows for board to learn how to do job and then have longer period of effective work
  • §  Concerns raised re: 4 year term being too much power and influence
  • o   Summit
  • §  Overall feedback on summit was positive
  • §  Budget: “we broke even”
  • §  Budget: concern raised for improving summit potential for raising revenue to account for additional expenses related to in-person and online formats in future
  • §  Review of improving options for translating and interpreting summit presentations to make them more accessible.
  • o   Training and Certification
  • §  EB review of policy for training online
  • o   Committees
  • §  Update on proposal to establish Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Committee
  • §  Committee would survey members regarding both member demographics and client demographics
  • §  Vice President and President to join Secretary in task force to establish mission and ground rules of DEI committee prior to starting committee business.




    August 13, 2021


    General Items



  • ·      conference 2022 - dates and preparation
  • o   initial review of final 2021 summit financials
  • o   “ambient” expense, entertainers, yoga, dance classes
  • o   Let’s consider the use and value of ambient expenses for next year
  • o   Majority vote to cut some of these expenses
  • o   We will review and confirm next meeting
  • o   Need to call for submissions for 2022
  • §  Agreement that conference will either be hybrid or full online
  • §  We have 2022 dates on website
  • §  June 15-18 2022
  • §  Need a theme- we agree to consider and review next meeting.
  • ·      Autonomy, connection, competency (covid resilience, as well as core needs)
  • ·      Question on the use of ISST logo and the possibility of a financial support of ISST for a conference
  • o   Can’t use logo if you are not an approved training program.
  • o   Conference Review Process
  • §  How will you use the logo (ISST supported)
  • §  Submit any promotional materials (web page, etc)
  • §  Submit overview of presenters and conference topics.



  • ·      Updates on the new website.
  • o   Website may be complete in one month
  • o   Asking about role of ISST App
  • §  Notifications for new material going on website
  • §  No need to duplicate actions already available on the website formatted for mobile use
  • §  App for members only
  • §  Complete forms as one helpful function? Data protection laws may be issue
  • §  Could help with conference audience
  • §  LM will follow up with designers and address by email with board.

    Research and Science


  • ·      The research team will provide the ISST bibliographic electronic collection for Citavi (https://www.citavi.com/en/download) only, even though Mac users have to use a parallels desktop.
  • ·      Also we decided to put a word version of the schema therapy literature on the website.

    Training and Certification


  • ·      online training policy
  • o   to be reviewed by Vice President and confirmed.
  • ·      recording sessions document
  • o   ISST template? Board will review draft
  • ·      CE restrictions on online recorded content vs live online and participatory? What will stance be going forward?
  • o   Board will review and confirm approval of recommendations



  • ·      Update on DEI committee and member survey
  • o   President, VP and Secretary will draft initial structure, agenda and guidelines, with intent of passing to group of members interested in participating in DEI committee.


    September 9, 2021


    General Items


  • ·      Question of naming TCAB chairs.
  • o   Confirmation that EB is charged with naming new members.
  • o   EB will get list of open chair seats to fill



  • ·      Need for additional board meetings dedicated to reviewing website.
  • ·      Updates on the new website, review of updated webpages
  • o   Multiple country/state option for find a therapist? Should be OK.
  • ·      Advertising and Listserv
  • o   This is regulating and organizing a policy regarding advertising for training programs
  • o   People will be gently discouraged if they use listserv to advertise training program and directed to use website.




  • ·      “ambiance” costs at 2021 Summit
  • o   Board agrees to eliminate “ambiance” costs from upcoming conferences due to online element introduced
  • §  To include live music and yoga
  • ·      2022 dates: Conference Dates
  • o   June 15-18
VP to confirm dates with planners

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