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25 SEP - 9 OCT

Duties of the Treasurer of the ISST Board

Responsibilities include:


·      Participate in the monthly Go-to-meeting.

·      Counsel the Board on all legal and financial matters.

·      Participate in board or society’s special work groups.


·      Represent the society in or out of court (alone)

·      Help to prepare biennial membership assembly according to the statutes


·      Compile our cash reports and our activity reports and send them to the German tax revenue office (Finanzamt) to prove our non-profit-status (Gemeinnützigkeit) and to get tax exemption.


·      Act as a controlling officer for any financial and legal endeavors of the ISST and the Board, esp. check if things are done according to the statutes.

·      Have registered all changes of the statutes and all changes within the Board at the law court (Vereinsgericht, with the help of a notary).

·      Prepare changes of the statutes to be voted on at the membership assembly.

·      Help the voting committee to handle the electronic board voting procedure according to the statutes.

Money, accounting, insurances:

  • Sign for bank accounts.
  • Control the bank accounts and the credit card facilities
  • Set up and maintain an accounting system.
  • Enter all earnings and expenses into categories to be summed up for our comprehensive annual financial statement each year.
  • Prepare the annual financial balances for the biennial membership assembly
  • Set up a proposal for the biennial budget plan
  • Report to credit card control associations on our handling practice in order to get the annual PCCI compliance seal for customers’ protection
  • Check and organize all insurance matters (liability, legal protection)


  • Help with the financial side of the biennial conference and the Summer School with registrations
  • Publish a final balance on earnings and expenses


·      Check if all members have paid their fees and follow up

Employment and remuneration of assistants, free lancers and other suitable helping persons (e.g., lawyer, tax accountant, web consultant):

Due to the establishment of ISST as a not-for-profit organization based in Germany, an ISST member either from Germany, or familiar with German laws governing not-for-profit organizations is highly recommended.

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