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Responsibilities of the Treasurer of the ISST Board

The holder of the office of ISST Treasurer needs significant expertise with respect to the managing of the Society’s accounts and, also, an understanding of competence to deal with the legal aspects that are involved. 

The Treasurer must be able to undertake the following responsibilities and supervise the office staff to whom any of them may be delegated. The Treasurer is therefore responsible for

1.  Financial aspects

    • Advising the Executive Board with respect to all financial matters.
    • Supervising and controlling the ISST bank accounts and credit card facilities and being familiar with the procedure required for this.
    • Reporting to credit card control associations on the ISST’s handling practice in order to get the annual PCCI compliance seal for customer protection.
    • Signing for payments from bank accounts: this includes payments to office staff including temporary staff,  assistants, free lancers and other persons employed by the ISST to perform various tasks (e.g., lawyer, tax accountant, webmaster).
    • Preparing financial and activity reports for the German tax revenue office (Finanzamt) to prove our non-profit-status (Gemeinnützigkeit) and ensuring that the Society continues to get tax exemption.=
    • Checking that membership fees have been paid and following up on unpaid fees.
    • Recording all earnings and expenses into categories to be summarized and presented in a comprehensive annual financial statement.
    • Preparing for presentation to the biennial membership assembly of a record of current annual financial balances and a proposal for a budget plan for the coming two years.
    • Checking and organizing all insurance matters including those related to liability and legal protection.
    • Acting as financial consultant to the committee planning ISST events (currently the biennial INSPIRE conference and ENLIGHT workshops) to ensure that the conference budget is sound and responsibly managed.
    • Publishing a final balance on earnings and expenses

2.    Legal aspects

    • Advising the Executive Board with respect to all legal matters affecting the Society.
    • Representing the society with local advocates in or out of court (alone)
    • Ensuring that the financial and legal activities of the Society are in accordance with the Society’s Statutes.
    • Preparing any proposals for changes of the Statutes so that they can be voted on at the biennial General Membership Assembly.
    • Registering and forwarding to the law court (Vereinsgericht), with the help of a notary, all changes made to the Statutes, and all changes of membership of the Executive Board.
    • Helping to prepare the procedures for the biennial General Membership Assembly and ensure they are in accordance with the Society’s Statutes

3.    Organizational aspects

    • Attending and contributing to all meetings of the Executive Board  (these are normally held online monthly but extended meetings take place at ISST meetings such as the biennial ENLIGHT AND INSPIRE events).
    • Participating in ISST committees where financial matters are salient (such as Events committees).
    • Assisting the Election Committee with the management of the electronic voting procedure used for the Election of a new Executive Board and ensuring it is in accordance with the statutes.
    • Contributing to the ongoing process of developing the organisational structures of the society, and particularly the office structures.

* The ISST office staff currently consist of

  1. An ISST office employee  who works 20 hours a week supporting the treasurer maintaining the incoming fees and support the local organizers at our conferences.
  2. A virtual office that is currently under construction, which is expected to consist of a virtual office manager and several part time staff working form different locations.

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