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Instructions for the INSPIRE 2016 App 
If you registered for the conference, you'll receive an email with your username and temporary password

We made an Earth-friendly decision to use a conference app that contains the calendar, selections, presenter information, slides, and many additional features that paper simply can't offer. Follow the directions to install the app on your favorite device.

The conference app will be replacing printed brochures or booklets. You can view, save, and download slides for each presentation, and you can use many features with other conference participants--but only if you use the app. Please note: the app can be used on a smartphone or tablet, and you can use it on your laptop or desktop through any web browser. Have an older device (like an iPhone 4/4S), or an older operating system (below iOS8)? Use Safari on your phone to access the app.

Take a few minutes now, before you arrive in Vienna, to download the app and choose your favorite events in the "Favorites" section of the app. You can then easily refer to your top selections by one click on "Favorites."

The calendar is set for Central European Daylight Time, so if you are in a different time zone, the app's event times will be off. When you arrive in Vienna, if your device does not automatically change time zones, you will need to change the time zone manually in your device's "Settings."

If you have any questions or need help with the installation, please contact us: EMAIL

Steps to Download the App

1. Download the App:

iOS devices: use your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to download the conference app. If you have an older device (such as an iPhone 4/4S), or an older operating system (before iOS8), follow the directions on "Other" to use the app through your device's web browser (Safari). Click the image on the left, or go to: APPLE DEVICES 

Android devices: use your smartphone or tablet to download the conference app. Click the image on the left, or go to: ANDROID

Others: if you use a Windows smartphone/tablet, or prefer to use your laptop (Mac or Windows), or you have an older device (like an iPhone 4/4S) or older operating system (before iOS8), you can use your web browser on your device to login to the app. Go to: BROWSER LINK

2. Enter your information:  

Your username is: use the information provided in your email

Your password is: password provided in your email

Please use the email address this email is addressed to as your username. 

3. Within the app, click: "My Profile" 

  • Click "Edit My Profile" button  
  • Click "Change My Picture," and upload your favorite profile photograph   
  • Enter your first and last name (you can choose the name that you want to use) 
  • Click the "Facebook" and "Twitter" icons, and enter your usernames
  • Enter your home location (e.g. Stockholm, Sweden), and a brief personal description
  • Press "Save," located in the upper right corner
  • Click the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner to return to the main menu

4. Reset Your Password: Go to "My Profile" menu, click the "Wheel"  in the upper right corner for the "Settings" menu

  • Under your username (your email address), type your temporary password.
  • Next, under your temporary password, create a new password that you will remember
  • Retype your new password 
  • Important: if you do not want other conference attendees to have the ability to chat with you, turn the chat button "Off." The default setting is "On"
  • Press "Save"

5. Press the "Menu" icon on the upper left side. 

6. Want kilometers? Click the "Settings" wheel in the main menu. Under "Distances," click "kilometers." The default is "miles." 

7. Time Zone: the app is set for Central European Daylight Time. If your device does not automatically change time zones, please go into your device's "Settings" to change the time zone manually when you arrive in Vienna.

Basic set-up is complete!

Additional Features: Please read through the many features you have to get the most out of the INSPIRE 2016 app.

Favorites: Personalize Your Experience

You can easily personalize your experience through the "Favorites" feature. Mark every event or selection you want to attend as a "Favorite" so that they all appear within the "Favorite" icon in the main menu. For instance, you may want to include the morning yoga activity, a keynote address, your top choice for the morning selection, and your preferred lunch venue (all located within the app).  


1. After choosing a selection, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner 


2. Click the "Star" icon, and your selection will appear in your "Favorites"  


3. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner to return to the selection


Comments within a Selection: when you are attending a presentation or event, you can post comments specific to the selection for either the presenter or fellow participants to reply to. 

1. After choosing a selection, click the "comment" icon on the upper right corner of the app.

2. Type your comment, then press "send"

3. Everyone who has the app open on that particular selection will see the comment, and may reply to you. Keep in mind this is not a private "chat," but open to everyone who has access to the app.

Slides and Handouts: each selection or presentation may have slides and/or handouts available for attendees. 

1. Within the selection, scroll to the top of the text to see "Link to Slides: Click Here." Most of the slides load quickly with a standard connection, however a few are extra large and may require a few moments to load.

2. To download, save, or print the slides or handouts before the conference, please click the appropriate icons within the slide or handout. 

Calendar, Keynotes, Selections, Presenters

You can view the entire calendar of events, or focus on a specific keynote, selection, or presenter, by clicking on the specific icon. Please note that events are set for Austrian time zone (Central European Daylight Time)


See a list of conference attendees. Want to catch up with someone? Send them a message.

Venue Map

View several images of the conference venue at Messe Wien to see where your selection is located.


Want to chat directly with another attendee? Click the "Chat" icon, and as long as the other attendee has their chat "on," your message will go to him or her directly.

Want to disable "Chat?" Click "My Profile" in the main menu, then click the "Wheel" in the upper right corner for "Settings." Under "Contact Rules," switch the lever to "Off."


Lunch in Vienna: see a list of cafes and restaurants near the Messe Wien venue for lunch. You can plan ahead by including your top picks in the "Favorites" feature.

Dining in Vienna: see a list of highly-rated restaurants and cafes in Vienna to make your choices. You may want to reserve a table in advance. The Google Maps feature is included to help guide you.

Top Attractions: view the top attractions in Vienna, with short descriptions that include a Google Maps feature so that you can easily find them on your device.

Getting Around: find out more about the Messe Wien venue, transportation options, and a map of the Vienna city layout with descriptions of the nine top districts.

Top Sights in Vienna: see a list with descriptions and Google Maps to some of the top destinations in Vienna. Plan ahead to get the most out of your Vienna experience.

Social Media: go directly to our social media sites on Facebook and Twitter to share your experiences with others, and post your favorite pictures that you would like to include in the Closing Ceremony on Saturday by using our conference hashtags: #Vienna2016 #SchemaTherapy

App Tutorials: need extra help to navigate the app? Watch several videos that help users become familiar with several app features. 

Tutorials include:

  • How to plan your conference schedule
  • How to use Facebook during the conference
  • How to use Twitter during the conference

enjoy the best of the vienna conference using the inspire 2016 conference app


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