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Directions for Photo Albums

You can create multiple photo albums and upload photos to your albums within your member profile. You can add descriptions to your albums, and captions to your photos.

You can control whether other members and non-members can view your photo albums.

Managing your photo albums

From your member profile, you can add and delete photo albums, and change the name and description of each album.

To add a photo album to your profile, go to the Member photo albums page and then click the Create album button, if you don't have any albums yet, or the Add album button if you do.

On the dialog that appears, enters a title and description for the album, and then clicks Submit.

With the album now created, you can change the title and description by clicking the Edit details button or delete the album by clicking the Delete album button.

Adding photos to your photo albums

To upload a photo to an album, open the album (if it isn't open already) and then click the Upload photos button.

On the dialog that appears, select up to 5 images to be uploaded at a time.

Select photos saved using the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png and .tif. The maximum file size of each photo will vary.

After selecting the files to be uploaded, clicks the Upload button.

The selected photos will be uploaded and added to your photo album.

Managing photos

After adding photos to a photo album, you can set a photo as the album cover, assign a caption to the photo, or delete photos.

Setting a photo as the album cover

To set a photo as the album cover – so that the photo is used as the thumbnail for the album – hover over the photo within the album and then click the Set as cover link.

The photo will now appear as the first photo within the album, and as the album cover on the Member photo albums page.

Assigning a photo caption

To assign a caption to a photo, click the photo within the photo album, then click the Add caption link that appears below the photo. In the field that appears, enter the caption then click Save.

The caption will appear below the photo thumbnail within the album and on the individual photo page.

Deleting photos

To a delete a photo, hover over its thumbnail within the photo album page then click the Delete link that appears.

You can also delete a photo from the individual photo page by clicking the Delete photo button that appears in the upper right corner.

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