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Responsibilities of the ISST Vice President

Responsibilities include: 


The ISST Vice-President (VP) has primary responsibility for organizing the ISST’s biannual conference.  He or she must therefore posses the skills and knowledge to carry out this important task.  

Beginning at least one and a half years of the conference, the VP:

  • Lays the groundwork for the conference: preparing an estimated budget for the conference 
  • Sets the dates for the conference; choosing a conference venue; hiring an on-site coordinator (or conference bureau)
  • Forms a local organizing committee
  • Proposes a theme for the conference to the EB for approval
  • Interfaces with members of the ISST board to accomplish these tasks including the Treasurer, Public Affairs, Training & Certification and Scientific Representatives.
  • Keeps the membership list up-to-date
  • Help to process new membership applications, assign membership numbers, activate accounts on the website

Important issues to consider:

  • Balance the desire to attract as many attendees to the conference as possible, with the costs involved of holding the conference at a particular location. 
  • Makes an accurate and conservative estimate of the number of people who are likely to attend (essential to prevent cost over-runs)
  • Once foundations for the conference are in place -- works together with the EB Representatives for Science and Research and Training & Certification of the ISST to create the conference’s program. 
  • Once the theme for the conference has been decided, the VP and Scientific Director generate names of possible keynote speakers, propose them to the EB for approval and secure commitments from them to participate. 
  • Participate in the evaluation of proposals submitted for paper and poster presentations 
  • Assists the scientific coordinator in the rating and decision-making about which scientific proposals to accept
  • Works with the ISST’s board, the local organizing committee, and the conference coordinator, to plan and carry out the myriad detailed tasks concerning the conference. 

Although many of these details can be delegated, the VP needs to be in regular contact with the parties involved to make sure that these details are handled successfully and in a timely way.  Where needed, the VP intervenes directly to insure that any problematic issues are resolved.

Beyond the Conference: The VP participates in the monthly board meetings to help make decisions about the various issues related to the ISST.

Final Note:

Candidates for this position should be prepared to invest the time and energy required to field a successful conference, and be willing to have chief responsibility for this task.  The ISST board offers a supportive group of colleagues with whom to collaborate.  However, the responsibility for the conference primary rests with the VP.  In their statements of candidacy, candidates should provide evidence of their qualifications for this position.  Experience in having organized large-scale meetings, such as scientific meetings or conferences; excellent organizational skills; communication skills; and collegiality; are very important in evaluating candidates’ suitability for the position.  The successful candidate should not be evaluated solely on the basis of having a good reputation as a scientist or clinician, but on the ability and commitment to carry out the tasks involved.

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