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Training & Certification Advisory Board

Terms of reference and responsibilities

The number of Training and Certification (T&C) committees of ISST has increased in the last four years along with the increased membership in the T&C Committee as new training programs have been approved. As ISST has grown, new and often complex issues in the area of training and certification have arisen (e.g., differing standards for the practice of psychotherapy internationally, the integrity of the Schema Therapy model as represented in ISST supported training activities). For these reasons a smaller advisory board for T&C issues is needed. This board should consist of no more than 10 members, so that it can function effectively, convene for periodic online meetings, and make recommendations to the Executive Board (EB) in a timely manner.

The TCAB in cooperation with the representative for T&C and with the recommendations from appropriate T&C committees will be responsible for:

  • Preparing final proposals to the EB for any significant changes in T &C requirements.
  • Evaluating and making recommendations to the EB on T&C related disputes or appeals of certification decisions
  • Helping to plan the training program of the biannual ISST Summer School
  • Making recommendations to the EB on the selection of the pre-conference and in-conference workshops for the biannual conference


The board should be composed of active senior trainers who are either ISST Certification Program Directors or T&C Committee chairs. Nominations for the TCAB can be made by any EB member with final approval by consensus of the EB. The EB Training & Certification Coordinator will be the TCAB’s liaison and join their meetings as deemed necessary.

Approved 10-25-16

Current Members

Wendy Behary, Ida Shaw, Jeff Conway, Vartouhi Ohanian, Arnie Reed, Graham Taylor, Gerhard Zarbock, Christine Zens, Eelco Muste, Offer Peled

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