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Fellow ISST Member Elected EABCT President

12 Dec 2014 4:00 PM | Deleted user

by Travis Atkinson

Thomas Kalpakoglou, a member of the Greek Society for Schema Therapy and of ISST, was elected President of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) last September. Thomas has been part of the EABCT family for many years, beginning as the Representative of the Greek Association for Behavioural Modification (GBA). He was one of the first members of EABCT’s working group on Training Standards. From the post of Training Coordinator, Thomas made significant advancements to the EABCT’s Accreditation Protocol, introduced the Standardized Accreditation Scheme and initiated the standards for supervision. Thomas has also served as EABCT’s Interim Secretary (2012) and Treasurer (2013).

Goals: Thomas wants to fulfill his main goals as president to maintain and enhance EABCT's reputation, to build more strategic training links, and to ensure that high-standard CBT training is available in all parts of Europe. He also wants to make EABCT conferences more accessible to members. 

About Thomas: Thomas was awarded a BA Honors degree in Psychology and Computer Science at Keele University (UK) and carried out his PhD research at the Victoria University of Manchester (UK). He now lives in Athens, working as a therapist, tutor and supervisor, both for CBT and Schema Therapy. He is the Managing Director of the Continuous Professional Development Centre for Cognitive and Behavioural Studies in Athens. In his spare time, Thomas likes to travel and fly small airplanes in the sunny Greek skies.

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