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PERSONAL STATEMENT-ilona krone- Running for Research and science coordinator

It is an honor for me to be nominated for the position of Science & Research Coordinator (SRC) of the ISST Board. I will briefly introduce myself and my views on the duties of the Science and Research Coordinator.

My introduction to psychology began in 2000, when I started my Bachelor studies.  I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at State University of Latvia. My scientific focus was on child- parent relationship and neuropsychology. I received European grant for this study and have presented the results of my research at the World congress of Psychology (2011) and other conferences and scientistic articles since then. 

I completed my CBT training in 2012 at the State University of Latvia and Odyssea (International CBT Institute, Check republic). I continued training, research and supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and schema therapy (ST)at the Rigas`s Stradins State University , State University of Latvia and the Baltic Schema therapy institute.

I have been practicing, teaching as well as conducting research on psychotherapy approaches similar to schema therapy since 2012 and began to share my research ideas related to schema therapy with an oral presentation at XVI European Congress of Psychology, 2019.

 I am Advanced level schema therapist and supervisor/trainer since 2019, and in 2020, together with my colleagues from Lithuania, we founded the Baltic Schema Therapy Institute, where I am the training program director. The institute focuses on schema therapy research and training. Our international team is working on several research projects including ‘Wisdom of Healthy modes’, ‘video feedback’, ‘mindfulness and schema therapy’, ‘schema therapy application to acute trauma’ and others. Furthermore, the institute is translating and adapting schema diagnostic instruments to Latvian and Lithuanian languages.

This year we organized both free and significantly discounted courses and supervisions for our Ukrainian colleagues, who as we all know are in an extremely vulnerable and dangerous situation. I admire their ability to continue schema therapy treatment, training, and research despite all the difficulties. 

 I have frequently presented at International Conferences including EABCT, ISST, EPC, WCP, and others. My publications can be found at the Orcid, Scopus, Frontieris, WoS and ISST Bulletin. I am also involved in phase 1 of SMI-3 project and proud to be a part of it. 

 I understand that planning and organizing the scientific program of the ISST conference is an important duty of the SRC. I have the experience of organizing annual National Conferences in clinical psychology, CBT and Schema Therapy. I also organized scientific program for the international conference ESSPD (https://www.esspd.eu/previous-workshops/), where we had the honor and pleasure to host Arnoud Arntz as the key presenter. 

Being a lector at the Rigas`s Stradins University, I use CBT and ST concepts in teaching students within Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs and preparing clinical psychologists.

Another important task of the SR coordinator is to provide connection with Scientific Advisory Board,which was created in 2016 and consists of former SR coordinators. 

I see my role in providing communication environment for extensive exchange of scientific ideas and projects among the members and creation of international research teams. Furthermore, it is important to assist members in getting ST onto Evidence-Based Practice registries, support creation of online repository of ST diagnostic instruments that are officially translated to different languages as well as provide wider exchange of PDF copies of the research articles related to ST, especially to those countries where access to informational sources is limited. 

 I appreciate Pam Pilkington’s efforts to work on ST online library/ bibliography and would like to continue this work, including focusing on publications and schema therapy books in different languages (e.g., German, Spanish, French, Persian, Chinese, Turkish and others). I have free unlimited access to an international scientific library as well as scientific databases, such as Scopus, WoS, PubMed and others, which will help me to continue this important job. 

 Regarding the ISST conference, I see my role in providing scientific part of the organization process in close collaboration with other members of the ISST Board. It will be my duty to provide wider access to both the experienced and the young researchers at ISST conferences and other events.

I would be honored and privileged to serve as Science & Research Coordinator of the ISST Board and work with my colleagues to promote prestige and practice of schema therapy in the scientific community.

I am a member of ISST and have paid my dues.

Yours sincerely Ilona Krone

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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