Read about the ISST Executive Board 2014 - 2016, and watch a video tribute below.

President: David Edwards

Vice President: Remco van der Wijngaart

Secretary: Chris Hayes

Public Affairs: Travis Atkinson

Treasurer: Eckhard Roediger

Training & Certification Coordinator: Joan Farrell

Science & Research Coordinator: Paul Kasyanik

  • 19 Oct 2016 9:51 AM | Chris Hayes (Administrator)

    ISST Board Meeting September 27th 1 pm UTC

    In Attendance- Eckhard Roediger, Travis Atkinson, Kristin Zickenheiner, Chris Hayes, Eshkol Rafaeli, Alexandra Schosser.

    • The minutes of the August meeting were approved by the board.  
    • Election preparation

    -       The election process is progressing and on time.

    -       Several ISST members that have been nominated had been found to have not paid ISST membership fees. These members have now paid and are eligible for nomination.

    -       Announcements of the candidates will be made on the 30th September via the website.

    -       A  formal election protocol/report needs to be completed to demonstrate if the election meets the ISST statutes. Action- Chris to Complete

    • GMA proposal for a multi-cultural committee?

    -       Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco (USA) has proposed the development of a multi-cultural/ religious committee within the ISST

    -       It was noted that the proposal can be incorporated into the GMA. The proposal is required via statues to be “considered,” however the final decision be made by the board.

    -       It was suggested that the proposal could be made known to the membership, and potentially start initially as a workgroup (with a review taken later, and a decision on how to progress the proposal be taken by the next board).

    • Non-paying ISST members

    -       A substantial amount of non-paying members had responded to a recent email.

    -       On 1st October the list of eligible members (who have paid) will be sent to Ralph and these members will be eligible for voting.

    -       October 15- Angeles will send final call for payment for 2016, reminding them that payment is due.

    -       The remaining members that have are still outstanding fees will then be contacted personally from the board members

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    -       It was suggested that the outstanding members could be divided amongst the board members to be contacted personally. A google document will be arranged to allow members to be contacted.

    • Adjusting the honorary per hour for Angeles in the ISST office

    -       Currently Angeles in the ISST office is being paid 21 Euros per hour. It was agreed that payment could be raised to 25Euros as an acknowledgment for her hard work for the society.  

    • Summer School 2015:

    -       It was agreed that the venue, date and the expected size of the venue be made as soon as possible (and not in November following the election period). The content of the school could be made later.

    -       The ideal number would be around 250 people (with a possible option for 300 attendees).

    -       A main room of around 200- 250 would be needed, and the venue should be able to accommodate. 6-7 tracks.

    -       It was suggested that quotes for venues should be obtained as soon as possible.

    -       Jordi (Barcelona organizer) has suggested that a weekend in June 2017 would be suitable. A specific date will be proposed based on venue availability.

    Action- Eckhard to inform Jordi of requirements


    • ISST symbol use

    -       Separate symbols have been designed to distinguish different levels of  membership and accreditation.

    -       The symbols will be arranged in October, with the newly elected ISST Public Affairs Coordinator to take the proposal further.



    Next ISST meeting- 25 October 2017 at 1pm UTC

  • 19 Oct 2016 9:46 AM | Chris Hayes (Administrator)

    ISST Board meeting August 23rd at 1 pm UTC

    In attendance- Eckhard Roediger, Travis Atkinson, Kristin Zickenheiner, Christopher Hayes, Alexandra Schosser, Eshkol Rafaeli,  Joan Farrell


    -The board formally provide the minutes of the June minutes.


    • ISST 2016 Election Preparation

    The timetable for the 2016 election was confirmed as follows

    - 24th August 2016 – Election announcement and a call for nominations for the ISST board to be made.  Action- Travis to complete mail out

    -29th August. 2016   ISST Board job descriptions to be sent to Chris.  Action- All board members to send material to Chris

    - 1st September 2016- Job descriptions will be uploaded to website for membership to view. Action- Travis to upload

    - 1st September- 15th September ISST board membership nomination period open 

    -15th September 2016- Nominations close, nominations to be send directly to Election Committee

    - 19th September 2016 Nominated individual’s statements to be sent to the organizing committee.  Action- Nominating Members

    - 22nd September- Final list and Statements to be send by Election committee to Travis to upload Action- Election Committee and Travis

    - 23rd- 7th October membership voting period

    - 10th October announcement of successful candidates.

    • 2016 Online GMA preparations:

    -       It was suggested the on line GMA will announced to the membership on the 1st September 2016

    -       The agenda for the GMA will be circulated in the coming weeks.

    • Dealing with the non-paying members

    -       77 members did not pay for 2016 membership year.

    -       Travis noted that several contact emails for non-paying members bounced back, suggest a non-working email address.

    -       The board agreed- September 1st an email will be send out requesting payment of dues within 14 days.

    -       It was suggested that nonpaying members should be reminded that ISST certification need to be active to retain accreditation.

    -       Following the initial email blast, board members could be then make personal contact with non-paying members (possibly after September 30, 2016).

    -       Previous GMA agreements noted that if the consequence of membership nonpayment would take place in the following year.

    -       Action- Travis to send reminder email

    • Logo use

    -       Travis has proposed 15 separate logos noting different certification and membership levels. It was suggested that members could be encouraged to use logos to highlight the different membership levels and certification.

    -       Specific logos would be released to newly certified members via a secure method.

    -       It was noted that ISST could randomly assess members to see if they are using the logos appropriately.

    • Scientific and Training Advisory Boards Proposals

    -       It was noted that no broad decision needs to be immediately made for the development of scientific and training advisory boards.

    -       It was noted that development of these boards do not need formal GMA approval. It was suggested that it could be announced as an GMA agenda item, but there would no vote on the item. The boards could be trialed over the next 2 years.

    • Dutch Registry Proposal

    -       The board supported the Dutch Registry Proposal outlined via email.  7 of the 7 attending ISST members voted for the notion.

    Board Member Roles

    • Board member roles need to be formally changed at the GMA.
    • Revised ISST board descriptions be made in the coming week and the 2016 election be based on these descriptions.
    • It was noted that the new ISST positon roles could then be outlined and formally voted on in the upcoming GMA

    Action- board members to send Board role descriptions to Chris by 29th August

    • Reimbursement for Conference Expenses

    -       It was agreed that transportation and accommodation costs (total of 5 days accommodation) for board member attendance to the 2016 ISST be reimbursed by the ISST.

    Next meeting

    27th September 1pm UTC, 3pm Frankfurt, 9am US, 9pm Perth

  • 29 Aug 2016 11:00 AM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

    Minutes: ISST Board Meeting

    Written by Chris Hayes, ISST Board Secretary

     June 7th 2016 at 1 pm UTC

    In attendance: Eckhard Roediger, Travis Atkinson, Christopher Hayes, Alexandra Schosser, Eshkol Rafaeli, Joan Farrell 

    Formal approval for the May 17 was made by the board Chair Layout for the Conference.

     - The chairs in the rooms at the conference are fixed. Some space may need to be made to allow for space for demonstrations at the front of the meeting rooms. 

     - It was noted that the immobile chairs could be a problem for many presenters, particularly for exercises for group schema therapy presentations. 

     Action- Eckhard- to discuss with the venue to check if they are able to adapt the space to make it more suitable. Board Meeting Prior to the Commencement of the Conference 

     - It was suggested that a board meeting could take place on the Wednesday evening (at the conference venue). Volunteers and Paid Help for the Conference - It was noted that 6 students have been asked to assist for such things as moving portable microphones in meetings, shooting video for specific workshops and panels and assisting with attendees signing in to presentations.

     - Volunteers could also help with storage of luggage and cloakroom.

     - It was agreed that some volunteers would be paid 15 Euros an hour for their time; some may be offered free conference attendance. Audio Recordings and Microphone Setup 

     - 4 microphones would be used in each room, 2 on the table and 2 portable. 

     Action- Alexandria will look into getting 3 tripods Conference Banquet 

     - It was agreed that 10 additional tickets for the banquet would be purchased and made available to conference attendees (as the number of dinner attendees must be confirmed 1 week before the event).

     Bookseller/ Publishers at the Conference - it was noted that the bookseller was hoping to contact the conference presenters to determine suggested book titles to sell.

     - Joan has contacted publishers Wiley and Guildford. Guildford that they would provide “sample” books and that attendees could purchase such books after the conference with a discount (the ISST would be able to keep the sample books). Wiley noted that they would provide flyers with discounts for purchases. 2018 ISST Conference Location

     - The results of the 2018 ISST conference location poll were discussed, with the 2 most popular alternatives from the membership being Barcelona and Washington DC.

     - It was noted that the North American conference would be of great benefit for the development of the model in North America.

     -The summer school could then be offered to 2nd favored location.

     Action- Eckhard to discuss with Jan Kossac (Barcelona delegation) in regards to arrangements and contacts in Barcelona 

     Action- Board to make decision in the coming week via email poll

     Next meeting: Wednesday June 22 at 1pm UTC Wednesday 29 June, time TBC

  • 29 Aug 2016 10:00 AM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

    ISST Board Meeting May 17th 2016 at 1 pm UTC 

    Written by Chris Hayes, ISST Board Secretary

    In attendance: Eckhard Roediger, Travis Atkinson, Christopher Hayes, Alexandra Schosser, Eshkol Rafaeli, Joan Farrell 

     • Formal approval of the last minutes was made by the board

    Conference organization 

    - Pre-conference workshop presenters applying for certification credits in the specialty areas 

    - Conference Certificates: Regarding Specialist preconference workshops, Joan noted that certificates could be sent via email to attendees soon after the training 

    - Joan noted that she would liaise with Alexandra to devise a conference certificate the would meet CE requirements.

    Acton: Joan and Alexandra to discuss conference certificate material

    - Handouts and Conference Material: handouts will be able to be available on the Conference Smartphone App. It was suggested that we aim for a “paperless” conference with handouts available on the App. It was suggested that presenters should bring a small amount of printed material for attendees, for those who don’t have access to smart phone/tablets. Slides could also be sent via email after the workshops.

    Actions: Presenters to bring small amount of handouts for workshops Eshkol: to contact presenters and ask for handout/ presentation material Travis: to upload material to the App Conference

    - App Development: Travis developed the App, and noted that he is waiting for approval of the app from the Apple Store and Google Play.

    Action: Travis noted that board members have access to the App to be reviewed 

    - Conference Yoga: 81 People have signed up so far for both mornings. The board approved that another instructor could be used; it would be 500euros for 2 instructors. 

    -Preparation for conference presentations: Alexandra noted if we require students to help with passing around microphones, etc. during symposia questions.

    - Action: Alexandra to discuss with Austropa if there is support provided. 

    - Preparation of Vienna Membership Meeting: it was noted that data should be presented for the development of the ISST, accreditation and membership

    - Eckhard noted that he was hoping to present “ISST parliament” proposals.

    - Other proposals and agenda items could be sought from membership 

    - The membership meeting could be used as a discussing forum to proceed the online GMA and resultant voting later in the year . 

    - Conference sites for the 2018 ISST Conference: Joan said that currently there are only a few people “suggesting” sites rather than putting together a proposal.

    - It was suggested that groups of people should be sought to propose locations rather than individuals. An online poll could then take place with the board making the final decision 

    - Actions: Chris to contact those suggesting locations and request a more formal proposal. Current board members running for positions: Kristin will not be running again (noted by Eckhard) - Eshkol will not be running again - Joan To run again - Chris to run again for Secretary  - Travis to run again for Public Affairs. Eckhard is seeking to run as Treasurer.

    - Next meeting: June 7th 2016 at 1UTC

  • 29 Aug 2016 9:00 AM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

    Minutes: ISST Board Meeting

    Written by Chris Hayes, ISST Board Secretary

     April 12th 2016 at 12 pm UTC 

    In attendance: Eckhard Roediger, Travis Atkinson, Kristin Zickenheiner, Christopher Hayes, Alexandra Schosser, Eshkol Rafaeli, Joan Farrell

    • The March minutes were approved from the board.

    Conference Ambassadors Program: the board approved the recommendations suggested by Wendy Behary for the ambassador program.

    - Russian applicants (Paul Kasyanik and Elena Romanova) could receive an additional 500 euros and the Iranian applicant Mohammad Javad Najmabadizade 500 euros less. This was primarily due to the past commitments of the Russian group to schema therapy

    Action: Chris to contact Wendy to approve and liaise for funds distribution Conference Attendance

    • There are currently 314 people registered for the Vienna Conference         

    Means to improve the participation: 

    - Further Advertising: it was noted that advertising could be made in a leading German psychotherapy journal. However, the advert would only be available from June. It was noted, however, if only a 1-2 people attended it would still be very beneficial. The board approved the advertising.

    - The board agreed that if there were future opportunities to advertise at small costs, then we should proceed without having it referred to the board.

    Action: Alexandra and Eckhard to facilitate advertisements

    Day Tickets to the Conference: It was suggested that day tickets could be purchased on the day in cash.

    - Ticket could be priced somewhere between the 1 and 2 day price. It was suggested that this not be widely promoted, but available to attendees.

    ISST Presidents Letter - Eckhard intends to release a President’s letter to members to inform members of a possible financial deficit.

     - Eckhard noted that it would be important to note the upcoming financial defect of the ISST. It was highlighted that such a deficit was sensitive to ISST conference attendance (and may encourage attendance from members).

    - The presented letter will be released after the 15th of April (following the current early bird date deadline). 

    Conference Organization: Room Hire Costs - Eckard noted that he had been in discussion with the venue management and they were unwilling to reduce the overall fee (as we are using several extra rooms that are not required). It was noted however that such additional spaces could be used for such things as yoga, catering, poster sessions etc.

    - To reduce expenses, technical equipment (digital projectors/ sound equipment etc) can be removed from the rooms where it is not required.

    - Poster Sessions: it was suggested that finger food and wine be a part of the evening

    Action: Alexandra to look into cost of having catering at this event and a decision made at next ISST meeting. 

    WIFI options: Travis noted that he could develop a smart phone app, and used as a timetable and schedule for the event 

    Action: Eckhard will investigate into the cost and a decision made at next ISST meeting. 

    GMA Meeting Issues at Conference: it was suggested that we call the session a “Membership Meeting” rather than a GMA, to focus on discussion rather than on voting. As the meeting would be a discussion forum, there would be no need to control the access to the meeting (aka checking entry and memberships).

    - It was noted that a GMA meeting could occur on line. The ISST board report could be provided to members at the “Membership Meeting,” or within an “on line” forum outside of the conference. DJ for the Conference

     - The board agreed with securing the DJ for the banquet evening on Saturday evening 

    Action: Alexandra to book/ confirm Yoga for the Conference

     - Travis noted that he had secured Yoga Friday and Saturday from 7 to 8 AM at a cost. The board agreed to this proposal. Informal “Meet the Board Evening” 

    - It was suggested that there could be a “Meet the Board Evening” during the poster session on the Thursday evening of the event.

    - Professional Photographer and Video Operator

     - It was noted that a professional photographer would not be required for the event 

    - Travis noted that he would arrange for his nephew to attend and could assist him with video recording the keynote speakers and provide photography services for the event.

     Commercial Stands at the Conference: Commercial stands (book sellers, publishers etc) would be encouraged to attend the conference.

    - A donation from such entities to the ISST itself would be requested (as a way to manage complex tax issues) Cooperation with Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) 

    - It was suggested that reciprocal arrangements with SEPI could be made for the upcoming conference.

    Action: symbols used for Certified Members and Membership Levels 

    - It was suggested that a ISST symbol or “seal” be used for accredited programs or certified members. - There was some discussion about a specific logo helping in distinguishing between the standard and advanced accreditation levels, and membership levels.

    - Action: it was noted that Travis could look at how ISST symbols could be used going forward and make a proposal to the board.

    - Next Board Meeting: 3rd May 2016, 1 PM UTC, 2pm Germany (please note time changes) 8pm Perth, 8am NYC

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