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Introducing Our New Logo|Ambassador Program for Vienna|Kaffeehause

18 Feb 2016 3:04 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)


18 February 2016


A new logo for a new era

ISST moves forward with a new design

After a rigourous design process to come up with a new symbol to represent our rapidly growing society, we are happy to introduce our new logo. From the sans serif font to the new color scheme, it welcomes ISST into the present, with an eye toward the future. Together with the many features on our website for clinicians, researchers, educators, and supporters, we are proud to offer members the most up-to-date technologies to help every member connect with others, and to spread the message that schema therapy offers throughout the world. Our new logo symbolizes our movement forward, helping you be the change you help create.


The Ambassador Program for the 2016 ISST Vienna Conference

Designed for professionals from developing and evolving countries from throughout the world

Dear Fellow ISST Members...

On behalf of the Brainstormers and the ISST Board, I am delighted to write you to keep you apprised of another exciting event emerging from the collaborative efforts of the ISST Executive Committee and the ISST Brainstorming WorkGroup... 

The Executive Board members have unanimously decided to make possible an opportunity, for a group of specially selected individuals, to attend our Bi-Annual ISST Conference this year. 

These carefully chosen individuals will have demonstrated a remarkable enthusiasm for the schema therapy model, combined with pioneering efforts—in their part of the world—to promote schema therapy in their professional and academic communities. We will be extending an invitation for them to join us at this year's Conference as an “ambassador” of schema therapy, representing their country of origin. 

The Ambassadors Program will be comprised of a group of professionals, from developing and evolving countries around the world, who have shown enthusiasm for schema therapy through significant contributions in areas such as, academia, research, writing, teaching, and/or clinical practice, and who would not have the financial capacity to join us without our support. Therefore, the ISST will provide 50% financial assistance toward some of their costs as well as free access to the conference and the conference banquet party, held on Saturday night.  

The “Ambassadors” will also be invited to participate in a special meet-and-greet session that I will facilitate with other generous volunteers... where they will have a chance to share their experiences with other ambassadors as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss their areas of interest with prominent members of our schema society’s global community.  I am so grateful for the inspiring support of fellow Brainstormers who have volunteered their time and commitment to help out with the Ambassadors Project both before and during the Conference. 

We, of course, welcome other members to become a part of this exciting and important addition to the ISST Conference event.  We look forward to offering our ambassadors a warm welcome as we recognize their contributions in promoting and expanding the reach of schema therapy around the world, especially in places where it might be otherwise challenging to receive the formal training without some form of subsidy or scholarship. We look forward to learning more about how the ISST might best help them with their specific needs for further development of their programs and projects.

Looking forward to seeing you once again this year, in the beautiful city of Vienna!

With Warmest Wishes,


Wendy T. Behary, President (2010-2014)

The International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST

The Cognitive Therapy Center Of NJ, Director

The NJ Institute For Schema Therapy, Director


A top activity in Vienna: an extended break at a Kaffeehause

This summer during your ISST conference activities in Vienna, savor the flavor together with a schema therapy friend or colleague of some of the world's best coffee at a cafe landmark with the ritual at a Kaffeehause, where coffee is served from one end of the city to the other. Legend has it that an Austrian spy infiltrated the invading Ottoman armies laying siege to Vienna in 1683, who learned about the Turk's "drug" called coffee. Once the Ottoman armies retreated, the ecstatic Habsburg emperor in Vienna granted this spy his wish: to retain the bags of coffee beans the retreating armies left behind. He took the beans, and opened the first coffee shop in Vienna, giving birth to Kaffeehause. Read about the many activities you can do during your conference visit in Vienna on our website: VIENNA TRAVEL PLANNER


Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Evening Welcome Reception

Friday July 1: Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Conference Day 2 | Evening Conference Banquet

FORUM: Want to connect with other members attending the conference? Visit the INSPIRE 2016 Forum to post comments, questions, or suggestions, only accessible to members who have enrolled on the website: CONNECT IN VIENNA


Created by Travis Atkinson

ISST Coordinator for Public Affairs & Member Benefits

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