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Have You Registered Yet? Early-Bird Savings Deadline for Vienna Approaching

04 Apr 2016 4:20 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)


4 April 2016


Register now for the schema therapy event of the year in Vienna!

We're proud to host the Schema Therapy World Conference in Vienna. Take advantage of the Early-Bird Pass to save €40-€50 before April 15th.

We never want to stop learning, and one of the best ways to grow is through the collaboration with other colleagues. Nowhere this year is there a better opportunity for schema therapists to gather for inspiration than Vienna for the ISST INSPIRE 2016 World Conference.

Whatever you're into, we've got a selection for you: We now have the entire program of the Vienna Conference online, with details about each selection, along with bios of presenters, at: INSPIRE 2016. You will see workshops, symposiums, hot topics, case presentations, and panel discussions focusing on how to apply schema therapy to a vast number of populations, with an emphasis on mode work. You will also see summaries of the keynote speakers and pre-conference workshops by some of the key leaders in the field, both from within and outside of schema therapy.

Are We Prisoners of Our Personality? Keynote address by Will Fleeson

Can we change who we are, or are we prisoners of our personality? Are personality traits permanent and unwavering? How do schemas relate to traits? Will Fleeson will discuss Whole Trait Theory, offering a detailed model of traits with optimistic evidence suggesting that our personality is plastic, to a greater extent than previously thought. This plasticity provides us freedom to create the lives we want, but also reveals consequences of symptom variability from moment to moment, on a greater scale than once thought. 

Will Fleeson is a Professor of Psychology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, USA. His interests include the nature of personality, consistency, self-regulation, development, well-being, borderline personality disorder, and moral character. Will's studies on the distributions of behavior and their implications for personality won SPSP's Theoretical Innovation Prize, and the Carol and Ed Diener Award in Personality Psychology in 2015.

Read more about Will Fleeson's keynote address, along with details of the many other distinguished presenters in Vienna, on the conference website: INSPIRE 2016

Get Your Early-Bird Pass: There's still time to register, save €40-€50, and get your Early-Bird pass for the schema therapy event of the year: Savings Expire on April 15th


Thursday June 30: Pre-conference Workshops | Poster Presentations & Welcome Gathering

Friday July 1: Morning Activity | Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Morning Activity | Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet



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Join TEAM INSPIRE: promote the conference by getting the word out to your friends and colleagues

We are forming a team to help promote schema therapy throughout the world, and to help spread the word so that as many people as possible will get to experience INSPIRE 2016! If you have an interest in marketing or publicity, or just want to lend your talents to a great cause, take a moment to sign-up to help promote the Vienna conference to colleagues in your area! Go to: VOLUNTEER FOR TEAM INSPIRE

The Hofburg: Walk in the Footsteps of Emperor Franz Josef

Walk through the Imperial Palace to see some of the finest Baroque interiors in Europe. Until 1918, the Hofburg was the home of the Habsburgs. Today, it is a vast sightseeing destination, including the Imperial Apartments, two imperial treasuries, six museums, the National Library, and the famous Winter Riding School. Don't miss the latest Hofburg attraction, a museum devoted to "Sisi," the beloved Empress Elisabeth and beautiful wife of Franz Joseph who was the talk of Europe. See it all with the €23 "Sisi Ticket," including the Kaiserappartements, Silberkammer, Imperial Furniture Depot, Vienna Furniture Museum, and a Grand Tour of the Schönbrunn Palace. Review our complete guide to travel within Vienna at: Vienna Travel Planner


Share the INSPIRE 2016 Flyer with your colleagues

We created a promotional flyer to help share the details about the Vienna Conference, and we invite you to download the pdf, available in several languages. So far, Lydia Tineo has helped with the Spanish translation, Sevinc Goral-Alkan with the Turkish version, Danielle Sauvé with the French translation, and Paula Guths will be translating the Portuguese flyer. If you don't see your language, or see needed edits in your native language, please help by emailing: TRANSLATION HELP

Share the flyer at other conferences you are attending, at gatherings with colleagues, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), or on other professional listserves that allow for postings. The Vienna Conference is one of the best ways professionals can get to know schema therapy; help as many colleagues as you can to learn more. Visit: INSPIRE 2016 FLYER

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