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Starting your perfect day in Vienna.

16 Jun 2016 2:32 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)


16 June 2016


How to start your perfect day in Vienna. 

Bring Out Your Happy Child: AcroYoga with Lisa Looping


TRUST, PLAYFULNESS & COMMUNITY: We're excited to offer Vienna conference attendees the opportunity to start the day with Lisa Looping in a yoga activity that blends the wisdom of yoga, the power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of the healing arts: AcroYoga. 

What is AcroYoga? A team activity that combines three main elements:

1. Solar Acrobatic Practices: cultivate trust, empowerment, and joy

2. Lunar Healing Arts Practices: cultivate listening, loving, and letting go 

3. Yogic Practices: cultivate breath awareness, life balance, and connection

Step into your power and bring out your "Happy Child" mode: having fun, without knowing what you are capable of, and being curious about exploring new things.

AcroYoga can teach you how to achieve through teamwork and progressions you may not have known were possible. You can laugh, play, and fall safely into a new sense of how much is possible in your body. As you advance in the session, you will become more skilled with how to fly, to be comfortably upside down, and how to support your fellow participants in the process of learning. Together, you become a team player, building trust through movements that are fun!  

When: Friday & Saturday Mornings 7:00 - 8:15 a.m.

Equipment Needed: Please bring your own yoga mat

Level: Every body, age, and level can participate

Bring comfortable clothes, and we will have changing rooms available.  

Lisa Looping is a local yoga instructor and performer based in Vienna (featured on "Austria's Got Talent!"). She will be joined by a colleague to lead the AcroYoga sessions to help reinvigorate your body and soul. See more about Lisa on the website: MORNING YOGA


Important: the morning yoga activity requires enrollment when you register for the conference. If you didn't enroll but would like to attend, or if you can no longer attend the yoga activity, please contact us by emailing: morning activity



FREE WIFI & Schema Therapy App:  We have arranged for free wifi for conference attendees at the Messe Wien venue. Our new Schema Therapy App is now available on the Apple Store and on Google Play. Within a week, conference attendees will receive an email containing their usernames and passwords to access all the features available for the Vienna conference. The App will work on any smartphone, tablet device, or laptop, and will simplify your experience--no more thumbing through a mountain of paper--being kind to your fingers, and to the earth.  


The clock is ticking: 14 days

 There's still time to register and get your INSPIRE 2016 Pass for the Schema Therapy Event of the Year: Only a few spaces left!






Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Poster Presentations & Welcome Gathering


Friday July 1: Morning AcroYoga Activity | Conference Day 1 


Saturday July 2: Morning AcroYoga Activity | Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet





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One selection at the Preconference Workshop on Thursday June 30th is the full-day workshop: 


"Schema Therapy for Children & Adolescents (ST-CA)" by Christof Loose & Mariya Galimzyanova


A "Sneak Peak" by Christof Loose

- Click pictures above to see interview -


The aim of this workshop is to establish and to improve a better and more profound understanding of Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents (ST-CA). Starting with a breif overview of the model applied to children and adolescents, the workshop will cover working with drawings, finger puppets, chair work, board games, storytelling, fairy-tale techniques, marionettes, sand play, and metaphors. A significant part of the workshop will focus on the "Inner House," with a demonstration for how to use the technique, along with an exercise for participants.


Watch Christof Loose, in an interview with Travis Atkinson, describe more about the "Inner House" in his "Sneak Peak." ST-CA PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP 

One of your selections for the Morning of Friday July 1st from 10:45 to 12:15 includes a workshop by Eelco Muste, Nynke Tuin, Greta Günther, and Connie van Mook:


"Please take my hand and get me out of her. Modes in rescripting: an experiental, multi-disciplinary discourse" 



A "Sneak Peak" by Eelco Muste

- Click picture above to see interview -


Imagery with rescripting is one of the most powerful experiential tools to meet and heal the Vulnerable Child mode, and to strengthen the Healthy Adult mode. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply rescripting throughout multiple disciplines. You will also learn how to use 'nonverbal' therapy (psychomotor, drama, and art therapy), and sociotherapy during rescripting. Finally, challenging situations that arise during rescripting will be discussed, such as how certain modes interfere with the process, and you will be able to practice working through these obstacles. 


Read more about this workshop, and other offerings, by visiting the conference website:  IMAGERY RESCRIPTING



Stephansdom Cathedral: Vienna's Most Beloved Landmark


Your logical starting point to explore the past and present:the Gothic Stephansdom Cathedral is Vienna's most beloved landmark, and remains the nucleus upon which the city has grown. The foundations of the original Romanesque church originate from 1147, but the earliest surviving features today are the 13th-century Giant's Door (Riesentor), and the Heathen Towers (Heidentürme). In the 14th and 15th centuries, various Habsburg rulers rebuilt the Gothic nave, the side chapels, and the choir. 


Read more in our extensive travel planner on our website: Vienna Travel Planner

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