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Be inspired by amazing speakers at #INSPIRE2018AMS.

24 Apr 2018 11:02 PM | Travis Atkinson


With one month to go, we're setting the stage for inspiration in Amsterdam.

If you've already registered for the schema therapy event of the year, rest assured, we are working overtime to ensure that your time in Amsterdam inspires you to then inspire others in your work and life, long after you leave!

Already registered? You should have already made your selections for the Preconference and Conference Days with the email link you received through Tiers 1-6. Participants in Tier 7 will be receiving their links shortly. Each participant must use their own email address to register, which is necessary to make selections and to receive a link to the upcoming Schema Events App. Missing your link? EMAIL

Not yet registered? Hear from amazing thought leaders in the field of schema therapy. The sooner you register, the more you save, and the better your chances of getting your first choices. We have 60+ selections available for beginning to advanced levels, led by experts in schema therapy.

Incredible choices: On Friday, May 25th, we have powerful keynotes you won't want to miss:

  • The Corrective Emotional Experience: Its Central Place in Schema Therapyby David Edwards
  • Corrective Emotional Experiences in Schema Therapy: Reflections in Research Findings and Clinical Impressions by Arnoud Arntz
  • Corrective Emotional Experiences in Emotion Focused Therapy by Rhonda Goldman

Friday Morning Selections: Build your perfect day by choosing from three options:

  1. Choose one of six symposiums
  2. A round table discussion summarizing research over ISST's 10 years
  3. Five Hot Topic Sessions

After lunch (included for participants), we have 27+ poster presentations, followed by Rhona Goldman's Keynote.

Friday Early and Late Afternoon Selections: Choose from three options:

  1. One of seven skill classes and two case presentations (two parts, 90-minutes each)
  2. One of six 180-minute workshops
  3. Spanish certification course for individual schema therapy (two parts, 90-minutes each)

Largest ISST conference ever: #INSPIRE2018AMS will be the premiere schema therapy event of the year. It will be an ideal time for you to network with your schema therapy colleagues, and deepen your connection with our worldwide community of schema therapists.

You will also have the opportunity to meet experts in the field of schema therapy, including Jeff Young, Arnoud Arntz, and many more.

Connect+Reconnect: meet new friends, and see familiar faces in the schema therapy community during the Morning Activities and at Friday's Evening Social Program. Be sure to join one or more of the following:

  • 7:00 am - 8:15 am: AcroYoga with Lisa Looping. If you did not add to your selector, tap here: ACROYOGA
  • 7:15 am - 8:15 am: Conference Choir with Vanesa Diaz & Rezar Dominguez. If you did not add to your selector, tap here: CHOIR
  • 7:30 pm: Van Gogh Museum Tour: tickets available on the website to add to your cart ADD VAN GOGH
  • 8:30 pm & 8:45 pm: Anne Frank Huis Tour: (SOLD OUT)
May 2018
If you haven't registered yet, do it now! We are nearing venue capacity: Less than 40 spots remain before we reach Tier 8, the final Tier!
CELEBRATE THE CLOSING OF #INSPIRE2018AMS @ the Dinner and Party: Saturday evening is the time to gather to celebrate your time together in Amsterdam at the beautiful, historic venue of de Rode Hoed. A delicious buffet dinner is included, along with music and dancing to cap off three inspiring days! If you haven't yet purchased your ticket, be sure to reserve your space now by adding it to your cart on the registration page: DINNER & PARTY
HOTELS: Have you made your hotel reservation? It is not too late to get great discounts by using our hotel service for the best rates on multiple hotels near the conference venue. Reserve your hotel now by tapping: HOTEL DISCOUNTS
#INSPIRE2018AMS T-Shirt: The last day to order your Amsterdam conference t-shirt is May 1st. We have both crew neck and v-neck cuts. Order now by adding the t-shirt to your conference cart on the registration page: ORDER T-SHIRT

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