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24 Mar 2019 3:11 PM | Travis Atkinson

How do you integrate schemas and modes to achieve lasting results?


We are thrilled to announce that the FeaturedPresentation at ENLIGHT 2019 in Edinburgh will be presented by the creator and founder of Schema Therapy: Jeff Young.

Taking place near the end of an active Day 1 full of learning and connecting with fellow colleagues from around the world, the FeaturedPresentation will be a highlight of ENLIGHT 2019.

Jeff will discuss the challenges many therapists face when struggling to balance between a focus in treatment on schemas relative to modes. The end result of a sometimes fragmented approach between the two concepts can lead to incomplete treatment outcomes that may not fully realize both emotional and behavioral change in patients.  

When a therapist solely focuses on schemas to treat a patient, she or he may underutilize the effectiveness of mode work to break life patterns and to create behavioral changes. Similarly, a therapist who practices a singular focus on mode work may limit the full impact targeting schemas can have to help a patient create deep emotional changes.

Jeff will clarify on a conceptual level how schemas and modes can work together simultaneously to create both emotional and behavioral change. Originally, the shema and mode concepts were not developed to be separate approaches to treatment, but rather to be addressed at the same time. He will demonstrate how to change schemas at a deep level within the context of working with modes.

Additionally, some schemas are not addressed in mode work, so an effective schema therapist may best meet the needs of a patient’s schemas by flexibly stepping out of mode work when appropriate to target specific schemas. Effective Schema Therapy also encourages a therapist to tailor his or her treatment approach to focus intensely on an individual’s schemas when the need arises.

The skilled schema therapist is also adept at shifting from a schema focus to a mode focus, flexibly, depending on the particular needs and life situation of a patient. One example would be when a therapist is working with a patient experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder who may need to have his or her schemas addressed in the beginning stages of treatment, followed by a shift to target modes as the therapy continues.

Jeff will explain how to determine when to focus more on schemas or modes, or to use both concepts simulataneously depending on the stage of therapy and the life situations the patient is facing.

Ultimately, an effective schema therapist can flexibly use the interplay between schemas and modes to help patients create both deep rooted emotional shifts and change chronic behavioral patterns to achieve optimal and lasting results.



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