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Highlights of the 2020 ISST Virtual Summit: Day 1.

12 Jul 2020 8:29 PM | Travis Atkinson

Have you seen Remco and Chris during their Imagery Rescripting Workshop at the 2020 ISST Virtual Summit?
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Imagery Rescripting

Imagery Rescripting is a powerful change technique of schema therapy. At the core of the intervention are methods to form greater therapeutic bonds with clients, along with opportunities to create corrective emotional experiences between the client and the therapist.

Understandably, therapists face several challenges when conducting Imagery Rescripting with their clients. For instance, clients can present difficult circumstances within the imagery, and therapists may not always be prepared for how to address unforeseen issues. The experience of the therapist, combined with their skill and knowledge levels, can strongly influence the effectiveness of the technique.

Remco and Chris share specific techniques during the workshop to help schema therapists build skills while conducting Imagery Rescripting, including: 
  • how to help clients strengthen their Healthy Adult 
  • how to manage antagonists that come up within the imagery
  • how to address atypical situations, including troublesome responses clients can sometimes experience
  • how to help clients confront antagonists within the imagery
  • how to help clients increase their tolerance for more intense emotions
  • how to apply the latest advances in Imagery Rescripting research  
The workshop includes digital recordings from both presenters (2017), along with live demonstrations from sessions that illustrate how to apply vital skills. 

The Imagery Rescripting workshop is one of eleven selections from Day 1 of the 2020 ISST Virtual Summit. If you haven't yet purchased a ticket for the summit, it is not too late!

We recorded each presentation, including questions and answers. Your ticket allows you to have access to recordings for up to a year after the summit ended--but only if you have a ticket for the Schema Therapy Event of the Year!
We offer three options for registration:

OPTION 1: Already registered for INSPIRE 2020 in Copenhagen? If you have an active registration for INSPIRE 2020, the summit is a BONUS for active registrants of INSPIRE 2020 in Copenhagen, taking place June 24 - 26, 2021. If you haven't registered for the summit, please contact Travis: EMAIL

Schema Summit App: Now Available! Active participants of the virtual summit will receive a "Welcome Email" from no-reply@eventify.io to download the Schema Summit App, available on the App Store for Apple iOS devices, and Google Play for Android devices. You will also be able to access the summit using a browser on any Windows or Macdevice.

OPTION 2: Not Yet Registered for INSPIRE 2020? If you haven't yet registered for INSPIRE 2020, take advantage of Tier 4 rates, along with the bonus virtual summit, by registering now at: INSPIRE 2020 REGISTRATION

OPTION 3: Need a 'Virtual Summit Only' Option? If you can't attend INSPIRE 2020 in Copenhagen in 2021, and haven't yet registered for the 2020 ISST Virtual Summit separately, visit the ISST website for more details, and to get your ticket for the summit now: SUMMIT REGISTRATION

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