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I, Kerry Beckley, the current Election Committee nominated by the ISST Executive Board, are pleased to announce the opening of the election process.  All Full Members are eligible to offer nominations (of other Full Members). We encourage you to participate in this very important process. You may send your nominations any time between now, October 15, 2018 and October 26, 2018 via email to:


Please complete the information to nominate your candidate within the email you will access through the email link.

Do not send your nominations to the ISST Listserv. Do not use the ISST Listserv as a means to promote your nominee(s) or your own candidacy. All nominees will have an opportunity to post their personal statements on the ISST website. 

Elections of the Executive Board are conducted electronically. You can read about the rules and the procedure here:


Please note that any nominee must be a certified ISST member and willing to run for the position. All Full and Honorary members are eligible to nominate candidates. All Full and Certified Members can run for board positions. Please first be sure your nominee is certified and willing and able to accept a nomination for a board position. Nominations will be reviewed by the election committee in a confidential process.

All voting will take place electronically. On November 9, 2018 you will receive log-in information by email to access the voting ballot on the website. You will have times to cast your vote up to and including November 29, 2018.

Executive board elections take place every two years. The board consists of the following seven positions. Two members of the current board will be stepping down. Five members will run for re-election. Members of the current board are:

Dave Edwards: President
Remco Van Der Wijngaart: Vice-President 
Eckhard Roediger: Treasurer
Chris Hayes: Secretary
Travis Atkinson: Media Coordinator
Joan Farrell: Training and Certification Coordinator
Paul Kasyanik: Research and Scientific Coordinator 

You can find job descriptions for each position by clicking here.

You can find the ongoing list of nominations for each position by clicking here.

The timetable for the 2018 election is as follows:

October 15: Announcing the election and naming the board members that will run again. ISST Board job descriptions to be provided
October 15: Call for nomination sent to memberships; Job descriptions will be uploaded to website for membership to view

October 15-26: Nomination period. Nominations will be sent directly to the Election Committee, who will verify eligibility and interest of the nominated members.

October 27: The Election Committee sends out a list in alphabetic order of the candidates to all members and calls for the elections. The voting process will be described in details in this communications.

October 27 - November 6: Candidates submit statements for the view on the ISST website.

November 9 - November 29: Voting Period

December 5: Announcement of successful candidates after they confirm their willingness to serve - winning candidates have three days to consider if they will accept the position.

December 10: Run-off elections, if needed

For any questions regarding the Executive Committee and the voting procedure please refer to the ISST Statutes: STATUTES and the Electoral Regulations: REGULATIONS 

Kind regards from the ISST Election Committee,

Kerry Beckley (EC Chair)



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