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Results and closure

Voting in the 2018 GMA has ended.   Of the 972 members of ISST e.V. that were entitled to vote, 84 cast a vote (8.64%).  Although this was a relatively small number, it was enough to constitute a quorum so that we can formally accept the outcome for all the items that were voted on.  For every item there was a large majority supporting the proposal (in most cases between 85% and 95% of those voting).  Detailed results can be seen here.

Accordingly the financial reports were accepted as well as the budget plans for 2018 and 2019 and the activities of the members of the ISST Executive Board during the current term, have been approved, based on their reports as posted on the ISST website.

The proposals to confer Honorary Membership of the ISST on Wendy Behary and Joan Farrell were also supported, as well as the appointment of Petra Baumann-Frankenberger as Financial Auditor.

The various proposals with respect to Statute changes were also all fully supported:

  1. Changes in the details of the membership structure and criteria for each level of membership.
  2. Expanding the Executive Board by one member by splitting the Training and Certification Co-Ordinator into two separate portfolios:  Training Co-ordinator and Certification Co-ordinator. 
  3. Changing the name of the Public Affairs Co-ordinator to Media Co-ordinator.
  4. Adding to the Statutes a paragraph that limits to three the number of consecutive terms a member may serve on the Executive Board, to come into effect after the upcoming elections at the end of 2018.
  5. Other proposed changes of a minor nature including those that are necessary to maintain our status as a Non-Profit Organization and improving the translations into English.

Closing the GMA 

As President I would like to thank all those who contributed to setting up the GMA and all those who participated by voting.  I formally declare the closure of the 2018 GMA.

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