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For the role of ISST Vice President

I feel proud and privileged to have served on the ISST Executive Board as Training Coordinator for the past two  years.  This has been a tremendous period of growth and challenge for the ISST and it has been an honor to help “steer the ship,” especially during this recent  year.

I was pleased to help adapt our ways of training due to the challenge of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  With the steady guidance of Travis Atkinson, we were able to swiftly and efficiently alter our already established ISST Conference that was set to be held in Copenhagen into a highly successful and community-building ISST Online Conference.  I am also proud that with the collaboration of our Certification Coordinator, Paul Kasyanik and the support of the Executive Board, we were able to provide policy and guidelines for the provision of online training so that Schema Therapy training could continue unencumbered by the travel restrictions of the pandemic.  This policy change also created the added benefit of making Schema Therapy training available to people who might not otherwise have participated due to geography and cost.

Schema Therapy and the ISST has continued to grow.  During these two years, Schema Therapy has expanded to other countries, added more training programs, and trained and certified more Schema Therapists and Schema Therapy Supervisors and Trainers.  We also launched a four-part Webinar series on Schema Therapy Supervision that was designed to ensure that Schema Therapy Supervisors are well-equipped to provide excellent Schema Therapy Supervision.  Under the expert leadership of Robin Spiro, this training has been a big success and has inspired future work focused on the development of webinars for Schema Therapy Trainers.

While much has been accomplished, there is so much more yet to achieve.  I hope that in the role of Vice President I may play an integral part in the following ways:

  • Help develop and present the next ISST Conference and Summer School.
  • Strengthen the quality assurance arm of the ISST.
  • Hone and clarify the structure of our organization in order to expedite better communication and administrative services.
  • Work with the ISST in making our society a more inclusive place for training, treatment, and participation.

I have been truly fortunate to be a part of the ISST and to assist in the training and supervision for people interested in this complex, humane, and remarkably effective model.  Being a part of this community continues to be both personally and professionally rewarding.  I hope to express my gratitude and dedication to this community and this model by being ISST’s next Vice President.

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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