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Schema Therapy's Most Celebrated Event | Join TEAM INSPIRE! | Mouthwatering Tortes

04 Mar 2016 7:37 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

Schema therapy's most celebrated event is back

Share the inspiration with your colleagues and friends in Vienna

The gathering that started in 2006 is returning, and this year, it will be hosted in Vienna: the ISST INSPIRE 2016 ConferenceFrom the beginning, the biannual conference has been the most essential and celebrated schema therapy gathering.This is the place to get practical guidance and the latest information on applying schema therapy. No other gathering brings together so many schema therapists from throughout the world. INSPIRE 2016 will give you the inspirational spirit and creativity that will take you to new levels in your work. 

Online registration for this year's conference is up and running: What is it with Modes? The transdiagnostic power of mode work in schema therapy. You can choose from multiple workshops and presentations to enhance your work, and experience a full lineup of keynote speakers, from both inside and outside of the schema therapy world, including: Arnoud ArntzWendy BeharyEckhard RoedigerDavid BernsteinWill FleesonRichard Chefetz, and Marvin Goldfried. A highlight will be a special welcome address from Jeff Young, the creator of schema therapy. He will also head a plenary presentation that all attendees will surely enjoy. 

You will have options during the Preconference Workshops: a full-day on couples, group work, children and adolescents, chair work, or fine-tuning imagery rescripting; or one or two half-day workshops on discovering schema modes within yourself and your patients, or working with sexual difficulties. Conference Day offerings will be posted on the website shortly, along with the complete schedule.

The conference is being designed to truly inspire you, from presentations to activities. We will focus special attention on helping you meet new friends, and connect with colleagues you know from around the world, all while gaining new skills and insights in the work you care so much about.

We trust that in Vienna, you will be exposed to some of the greatest advances in the field of schema therapy, and reach new levels of inspiration in your work, expanding your vision of the schema therapist you want to become.

Check out the conference details, and register online before the April 15th early-bird savings expire.

Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Welcome Activity

Friday July 1: Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet

Join TEAM INSPIRE: promote the conference by getting the word out to your friends and colleagues

We are forming a team to help promote schema therapy throughout the world, and to help spread the word so that as many people as possible will get to experience INSPIRE 2016! If you have an interest in marketing or publicity, or just want to lend your talents to a great cause, take a moment to sign-up to help promote the Vienna conference to colleagues in your area! Go to: VOLUNTEER FOR TEAM INSPIRE

Demel: the best-known pastry shop in Vienna

In a city known for its tortes, Demel's almond-chocolate Senegaltorte takes the cake. If you have a sweet tooth, Demel will be worth every euro. For a guilt-free experience, simply enjoy the mouthwatering displays from the shopwindows, some of the best in Austria. Find more tips in our Vienna Travel Planner section of our website: MOUTHWATERING TORTES

Share the INSPIRE 2016 Flyer with your colleagues

We created a promotional flyer to help share the details about the Vienna Conference, and we invite you to download the pdf, available in several languages. If you don't see your language, please help by emailing to offer a translation of the text, and we will upload that to the website for you to download and distribute: TRANSLATION HELP

Created by Travis Atkinson

ISST Board Public Affairs & Member Benefits Coordinator

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Share the flyer at other conferences you are attending, at gatherings with colleagues, or on other professional listserves that allow for postings. The Vienna Conference is one of the best ways professionals can get to know schema therapy; help as many colleagues as you can learn more. Visit: INSPIRE 2016 FLYER

Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

"Be the Change You Help Create"

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