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Can Brief Schema Therapy Work Effectively and Safely? Watch Joan Farrell's "Sneak Peak" of Vienna

11 Apr 2016 4:47 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)

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One of your selections includes the symposium:

"Utilizing the mode model to effectively meet world-wide, ever-shrinking psychotherapy session allowances: can schema therapy be relatively brief?" 

An interview with Joan Farrell

- Click picture above to see interview -

Watch a "sneak peak" interview with Joan Farrell, previewing her symposium that she will cochair with Jeff Young. The symposium will address the development and testing of time-limited schema therapy treatment programs that combine group therapy with a limited number of individual therapy sessions. Can this treatment protocol help produce results that are both effective and safe?

Schema therapy is generally seen as a long-term treatment, not usually considered for limited session numbers of 20 or 30 group therapy sessions, and 10 to 12 individual therapy sessions. Some people question whether it is even safe to include the essential experiential work of schema therapy within the confines of brief treatment.

Answering the key questions of effectiveness and safety, the symposium brings together schema therapists from the United States, Australia, and the Netherlands who work with time-limited schema therapy treatments. Each discussant will present the protocols they are testing, along with preliminary results for a variety of disorders, including: borderline personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, mixed personality disorder, and complex trauma, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Chairpersons: Joan Farrell, Jeff Young

Joan Farrell: a brief, trans-diagnostic 'Foundation Treatment Program of Schema Therapy' using the Mode Model and combinations of group and individual sessions.

Rita Younan: a pilot study of a four-week inpatient program using group schema therapy for adults with complex trauma.

Sally Skewes: a pilot study using short-term group schema therapy for mixed personality disorders.

Michiel van Vreeswijk, Tamara May, Ida Shaw, Rachel Samsonadditional speakers. 

Read more about this symposium at: BRIEF SCHEMA THERAPY

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Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Poster Presentations & Welcome Gathering

Friday July 1: Morning Activity | Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Morning Activity | Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet

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Wiener Staatsoper: Delight Your Eyes and Ears 

One of the World's Great Opera Venues: construction of this Neo-Renaissance State Opera House began in 1861, and opened in 1869 with Mozart's Don Giovanni, securing the title "heart of the music world" for Vienna. The State Opera House was the first of the grand buildings constructed on the Ringstrasse in Vienna. After being nearly destroyed by World War II bombs, it reopened in 1955 with new technology. From the exterior, the majestic stone survived the war, and is dominated by the original loggia. See the two fountains on each side by Josef Gasser, representing music, dance and joy on the left, and sorrow, love, and vengence on the right.

The state subsidizes the opera company, so both pricey and affordable seats are available. Since the opera company is on summer break between July 1st through August 31st, take in a performance at the beginning of your Vienna adventure. Make your reservation in advance by visiting the opera website: STAATSOPER

See our extensive guide to travel within Vienna at: Vienna Travel Planner

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