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Last chance to save|Vienna preview|Hidden addiction mode

29 Apr 2016 3:00 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)


29 April 2016

It's your last chance! The Early-Bird Pass savings end on April 30th. Save your spot now.

Take advantage of the Early-Bird Pass to save from €40 to €100

We've assembled the dream team of schema therapists for the schema therapy Event of the Year. Prepare to be inspired! If you haven't already registered for Vienna, we are extending your opportunity to save with the Early-Bird Pass through April 30th. This is your opportunity to hand-pick from 50+ training selections, including workshops, symposiums, hot topics, case presentations, and panel discussions. Early-Bird savings add up to as much as €100 off the standard, non-member rate. Save your spot now: REGISTER

"An Overview of the Vienna Conference from the ISST Board Science and Research Coordinator" 

Eshkol Rafaeli previews INSPIRE 2016

- Click picture above to see interview -

The ISST Board Science and Research Coordinator, Eshkol Rafaeli, highlights the Vienna World Conference. In an interview, he discusses the selection process for presentations, along with the exciting new formats included in the INSPIRE 2016 conference. Watch the interview now for a preview of what you have to look forward to in Vienna.

Get Your Early-Bird Pass: There's still time to register, save from €40 to €100, and get your Early-Bird Pass for the schema therapy event of the year: Final Early-Bird Savings Expire on April 30th


Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Poster Presentations & Welcome Gathering

Friday July 1: Morning Activity | Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Morning Activity | Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet

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One of your selections at the conference for 

Saturday Morning, July 2nd from 11:00 to 12:30 is: 

"Cluster-C: From Addiction to Connection. Working with the Self-Soother or Self-Stimulator in Cluster-C Patients: the Hidden Addiction Mode" 

An interview with Truus Kersten and Guido Sijbers

- Click pictures above to see interview -

Join Truus Kersten and Guido Sijbers as they dive into the hidden addiction mode: the self-soother in Cluster-C Personality Disorders. In this interview by Travis Atkinson, they give a sneak peak of their workshop, which focuses on the specific characteristics of this mode, and the differences with other avoidant coping modes. They will explain how the self-soother and self-stimulator modes can be observed in and outside the therapy session. Truus and Guido also will give a short introduction of the core elements of evidence-based addiction treatment (CBT), and suitable schema therapy techniques.

Truus and Guido will argue that the self-soother can be a hidden mode, illustrated by case examples of Cluster C-patients in different treatment settings, including general mental health, addiction, and forensic settings.

Read more about the hidden addiction mode, and other selections, at: INSPIRE 2016

Ringstrasse Tram Tour: Glide By Great Sights in Vienna

Hop aboard Vienna's Ringstrasse tram: enjoy an hour-long orientation of some of the Ringstrasse's greatest sights. The Ringstrasse was constructed in the 1860s by Emperor Franz Josef, who replaced the medieval wall with the boulevard. The self-guided tour starts and ends at the centrally located Opera house.

When to go: enjoy the Ringstrasse tram by day, or during the evening hours when buildings are beautifully lit. Allow for more time if you plan to stop at sights or visit nearby points of interest.

See our extensive guide to travel within Vienna at: Vienna Travel Planner

Share the INSPIRE 2016 Flyer with your colleagues

We created a promotional flyer to help share the details about the Vienna Conference, and we invite you to download the pdf, available in several languages. 

In addition to the English version, we have conference flyers available in the following languages:

Spanish: translation help by Lydia Tineo
French: translation help by Danielle Sauvé
Dutch: translation help by Travis Atkinson
German: translation help by Eckhard Roediger & Alexandra Schosser
Portuguese: translation help by Paula Guths
Turkish: translation help by Sevinc Goral-Alkan
Italian: translation help by Keeton Alder

If you would like to volunteer, or don't see your language, please help by emailing: TRANSLATION HELP.

Please share your native language flyer at other conferences you are attending, at gatherings with your colleagues, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), or on other professional listservs that allow for postings.

The Vienna Conference is one of the best ways other professionals can get to know schema therapy; help as many colleagues as you can to learn more. Visit: INSPIRE 2016 FLYER

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ISST Board Public Affairs & Member Benefits Coordinator

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