May 2017 Board Minutes

21 Jun 2017 9:13 PM | Chris Hayes (Administrator)

ISST Board Meeting, Monday 1st May 2017

In attendance: Dave Edwards, Joan Farrell, Travis Atkinson, Paul Kasyanik, Chris Hayes, Remco Van Der Wijngaart.  Apologies:  Eckhard Roediger.

1.     The April 2017 minutes were approved by the board.

2.     Barcelona summer school 2017: Report back by Summer School Committee on progress, including current status of contract. 

  • -       Jeff Young has confirmed that he will attend the Summer School in Barcelona
  • -        We currently have 230 people registered for the event.
  • -       The main auditorium holds 190, however previous experience suggests that not all registrants will attend all of the program.  The possibility of having an overflow room with video link was put forward.
  • -       Social activities will be available. Registrants will be instructed to sign up on the website prior to the event.
  • -       Commercial stalls-  A charge has been made for these at previous conferences.  However, it seemed likely that this was paid to the conference organizers or the venue, not to the ISST.  It was agreed that there should be a transparent process through which those who wanted to sell schema therapy related material could obtain stalls. It was noted also suggested that attention be paid to who gets the payment in negotiating the contract for future events.

Action- Joan to discuss with Jordi to see the costs involved in setting up some tables for the event for those selling schema therapy related material.

3.     2018 conference: Amsterdam

  • -       Remco provided a detailed report on conference location options in Amsterdam. He recommended consideration of two venues:  Passenger Terminal Amsterdam,  a modern facility, which is central and has several large hotels nearby and, Beurs van Verlage which also has much to recommend it. Further information about availability of breakout rooms and cost is needed before a final decision is made but this can be done backchannel before the next meeting.
  • -       Previous ISST conference registration fees had been significantly lower to comparable conferences and Remco recommended that we raise the registration fee to bring it in line with the cost of other similar events. The increase would be around €30 per person per day more.  This was agreed though the exact figure will be determined once the conference contract has been signed.
  • -        It was agreed that the fee should include Lunch catering at the venue.
  • -       “B countries’” would continue to have a discounted fee.
  • -       The original dates, 6/7/8 June coincide with the World Conference of Psychotherapy), also in Amsterdam and dates in May were considered. May 24/25/26 was considered but there was a concern that this would be problematic for US members as it coincides with the Memorial Day holiday (and would mean higher travel costs).  An earlier date in May will be considered and this can be discussed  backchannel and a decision made before the next meeting.
  • -       Remco has constituted a local organizing committee to assist with the planning and implementation of the conference which includes prominent members of local organizations including the Dutch ST society.

Action- Travis and Joan to discuss with potential US attendees to determine if the Memorial Day date would be an option.

4.     Election committee.

No new members for the election committee have yet been nominated by board members since last meeting.

Action:  Board members to suggest full members who are known to be responsible and well organized who could be nominated backchannel for this committee.

5.     ISST logo agreement form

The revised logo agreement form was approved.

6.     National Schema Therapy Societies: 

Joan reported that a committee was being constituted to work on this but that it had not yet met.

Action: Joan will finalize the constitution of the committee and ensure that all countries that might want to have a national branch of ISST are represented.

7.     Schema therapy in Iran

Paul provided feedback from his recent training trip to Iran. Previously there had been concern that there was a competitive relationship between those Iranians working in Teheran and those in Qom.

Paul found that the group in Tehran group were open to training and feedback and that some sort of development model  would be appropriate leading to one or more of them becoming certified and having accredited training programs.

Mr Najmabadizade in Qom had requested a form of “status” or “permit” from the ISST.  Paul had been able to observe the therapy activities and groups in Qom and found that they were idiosyncratic integrations of various psychotherapy approaches but in no way could they be considered applications of schema therapy. Furthermore, Mr Najmabadizade is not licenced to practice psychotherapy in Iran, nor is he open to receive mentorship or training and is unwilling to self-reflect on his practice. This means that there is no question of Mr Najmabadizade being part of a ST development initiative.

A concern was raised that Mr Najmabadizade had been part of the Ambassadors program at the Vienna conference.  In retrospect it is clear that this was not an appropriate appointment. It was agreed that criteria for appointing Ambassadors needed to be reviewed going forward.

Action- What action going forward with respect to the development program for Teheran?  Paul to draft the letter to be sent to Mr Najmabadizade  that will be reviewed by Dave and Joan. Did we decide how we will proceed with respect to the Ambassadors program.  Is Joan going to speak to Wendy  -  or would you like Dave to?

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 7, 2017 in Barcelona at 18h00 local time.

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