ISST Board Meeting Minutes- June 2017

11 Jul 2017 3:55 AM | Chris Hayes (Administrator)

Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Board of the ISST held on Wednesday  June 5th 2017  at 18.00 (local time) at the Casa Convalescencia, Barcelona, Spain

In attendance: Dave Edwards, Remco Van der Wijngaart, Joan Farrell, Paul Kasyanik, Chris Hayes, Travis Atkinson & Eckhard Roediger

Final June 13, 2017

1.     May minutes:  The minutes of the May EB meeting were approved.

2.     ISST office and Treasurer’s report 

  • -       Eckhard reminded us that the membership is required to vote on an auditor for the ISST finances.  Action- Eckhard to consult Petra about proposing the name of an auditor before the next meeting.
  • -       The ISST financial regulation document circulated by Eckhard several weeks ago was formally approved by the board.
  • -       The hire of additional ISST office staff was reviewed. Difficulties related to continuity of staff was discussed. Pros and cons of having a full time office manager were also discussed.  It was concluded that the present dispensation is working smoothly but there may come a time when having a full time office administrator may be the best way forward. 
  • -       Dave observed that several board members were putting in large amounts of work in their own time.  He thanked them for being willing to do this but also suggested that in principle the ISST should pay administrative staff to do administrative tasks wherever possible. This was agreed.
  • -       Joan reported that most of the administrative tasks related to training and certification had been transferred to the ISST office and this process was going very smoothly.
  • -       Membership applications are now being taken care of by Nicole at the ISST German office and this has had the positive effect of reducing Travis’ workload.

  • 3)    Barcelona summer school 2017 
  • -       An expression of thanks was made to those who worked so hard to set it up and promote the event and work towards a full attendance.
  • -       It was noted that certificate of attendance for the summer school will be sent to attendees via email after the conference.
  • -       It was noted that attendees should have to sign in to the workshop to document workshop attendance.
  • 4)    2018 conference in Amsterdam
  • -       Remco reported that the venue has been confirmed and a contract has been provided and will be reviewed.
  • -       The quote has included 40 euro catering package (per person) that will allow for morning and afternoon tea as well as a basic lunch.
  • -       Hotel arrangements with discounted rates will be provided by the conference venue.
  • -       A paid local administrative assistant will be employed for the conference and this person has been appointed.
  • -       A local Dutch committee has been formed to assist with the organization. Methods to advertise and promote the conference locally in the Netherlands have been discussed by them.
  • -       It was suggested that promotional material should be made in both English and Dutch.
  • -       Eckhart suggested that the conference could be advertised in German psychotherapy journals.
  • -       There was some discussion about adding one extra day to the conference. After reviewing the pros and cons of this it was decided that it was now too late to consider this for the 2018 conference. However, It was suggested that this be considered carefully in good time for the 2020 conference. The advantages of having extra time for presentations and networking need to be weighed against the extra costs and time commitments. Consideration could also be given to having a membership poll to gauge responses of the members.

Action: Travis will organize a standardized advertisement to promote the conference.

  • 5)    Keynote presentations for Amsterdam 2018
  • -       It was noted that, in the past, there have been 3 internal and 3 external to the ISST.
  • -       Paul suggested that there could be four internal keynotes including one from each certification category.
  • -       Joan raised the question as to whether external presenters were really needed as the society has such a wealth of expertise among its own members and Dave was supportive of this perspective.
  • -       However, it was agreed that we would have some external keynotes and that Emily Holmes would be invited.
  • -       Internal keynotes would be discussed backchannel in the coming weeks

Action:  Paul to invite Emily Holmes;  Board Members to submit suggested keynote speakers by 21 June.

  • 6)    Concerns about issuing of Schengen visas following refusal of visa to Ahmed Hanafy from Egypt for Barcelona.
  • -       Remco reported that he and his committee for Amsterdam 2018 would be contacting appropriate officials in the Dutch government to ensure that all potential participants were able to attend and would know what procedures to follow well in advance.
  • -       It was suggested that for “Summer School” events it might be better to rename them using terms such as “Conference” or “Summer Seminar Series” or “Professional training meeting” or something similar because additional restrictions with respect to issueing visas might be applied to educational events.

Action:  Remco to investigate this with respect to Schengen visas for Amsterdam and it should be noted that this also needs to be attended to for all future conferences, Summer Schools and similar events.

7)    Election committee. Erin Bullus from the former committee will be invited to remain as chairperson and Arnie Reid (UK) and Hélène Bögels (Netherlands) were nominated

Action: Chris to contact Arnie Reed, Remco to contact Hélène.  Dave to contact Erin.

8)    National Schema Therapy Societies: 

  • -       The ISST committee on National Schema Therapy Societies has now been established and meetings will proceed in the coming weeks.

Action:  Joan to circulate the list of members of this committee to the EB for information.

9)    Ambassadors Program:  Criteria for acceptance into this program need to be reviewed following what occurred with the Iranian nomination in 2016.

  • -       It was agreed that explicit and stricter criteria need to be set out.
  • -       It was also suggested that consideration be given to renaming the program as it seems the term “Ambassador” gave the wrong impression.

Action: Joan to discuss these issues with Wendy Behary and appropriate ISST Training and Certification committees and report back to the EB.


Next Meeting: July 3rd 2017, 2pm UTC (online)




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