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We're setting the stage for inspiration in Vienna: INSPIRE 2016 starts tomorrow

29 Jun 2016 10:28 PM | Travis Atkinson (Administrator)


29 June 2016

When you're inspired, you're inspiring.

Hear from amazing thought leaders in the field of schema therapy.

YOU'LL BE IN GOOD COMPANY: Six hundred schema therapists will be assembling at the ISST World Conference in Vienna in less than 24 hours. If you are one of them, you have so much to look forward to!

Participants have already received their invitation to join the INSPIRE 2016 Conference App, where they'll be able to chat with other attendees, comment on presentations while they're happening, post directly to Twitter and Facebook, find local cafes and restaurants for lunch and dinner with a direct link to Google Maps, and visit the top travel destinations within Vienna, all with a few taps. The app works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and within your favorite web browser. Scanning the app, you'll find the numerous activities and selections that fill all three days. DOWNLOAD THE APP

The Preconference Workshops start with fascinating topics applying modes to schema therapy, and the day ends with a large selection of poster presentations, and a welcome reception to meet and greet your colleagues along with the ISST Board Members. 

Conference days begin with AcroYoga, led by master performer and star on "Austria's Got Talent!" Lisa Looping. Keynote addresses from the stars of schema therapy, and leaders from outside the schema therapy world, will be sharing their wisdom. Over 50 selections to choose from in the morning and afternoon ensure that attendees will be inspired long after departing from Vienna.

The Closing Ceremony promises a surprise performance from a local artist you won't want to miss, along with announcements of host cities for Summer School 2017 and INSPIRE 2018.

The three days culminate at the closing Banquet at the Marina Restaurant, where you'll enjoy delicious food, delightful company, and dance to the beats of a local Viennese DJ.

Too good to miss.

 Only a few spots remain at the venue. If you haven't already registered, get your INSPIRE 2016 Pass for the Schema Therapy Event of the Year: Register Online Now, or at the Door!


Thursday June 30: Preconference Workshops | Poster Presentations & Welcome Gathering

Friday July 1: Morning Activity | Conference Day 1 | Evening Social Activity

Saturday July 2: Morning Activity | Conference Day 2 | Conference Banquet


A selection for Friday Morning, July 1st from 10:45 to 12:15 p.m. is the workshop:  

"The Rarely Addressed and Richly Entangled Challenge of Treating Enmeshment and the Undeveloped Self" 

A "Sneak Peak" by Wendy Behary

- Click picture above to see interview -

Wendy Behary will team up with Jeff Conway for this workshop that has two main goals: providing a thorough description of the dynamics creating enmeshment and the undeveloped self, and presenting the unique challenges in the treatment room. A special emphasis on the therapeutic relationship will be part of the discussion, including using empathic confrontation to work with the "enmeshed patient's" attempt to solicit the therapist's approval. 

Watch the sneak peak now, and read more about this and other selections now : ENMESHMENT & THE UNDEVELOPED SELF

Another selection for Friday Afternoon, July 1st from 3:15 to 4:45 is a symposium:

"Utilizing the Mode Model to Effectively Meet World-Wide, Ever Shrinking Psychotherapy Session Allowances: or Can Schema Therapy Be Relatively Brief?" 

A "Sneak Peak" by Michiel van Vreeswijk

- Click picture above to see interview -

Michiel van Vreeswijk will join several other presenters at this symposium, including Joan Farrell, Jeff Young, Ida Shaw, Rita Younan, Tamara May, Sally Skewes, and Rachel Samson. He will focus on a pilot study of short-term group schema therapy that consisted of 20 sessions and included cognitive, behavioral, and experiential strategies.

Watch this interview of Michiel by Travis Atkinson, and read more about this symposium and other selections of the conference by visiting the website: SHORT-TERM TREATMENTS 

A selection for Saturday Early Afternoon, July 2nd from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. is the panel discussion:  

"A New Case Conceptualization Approach, Supervisor/Trainer Skills Building, and the Quality Assurance Committee"

A "Sneak Peak" by Joan Farrell

- Click picture above to see interview -

Joan Farrell will chair a panel discussion together with Jeff Conway, Susanne Vind, Jeff Young, David Edwards, Poul Perris and Vartouhi Ohanian to discuss the development of a revised Case Conceptualization format, the development of a schema therapy supervision skills workshop, and the ISST Quality Assurance Committee. The panel is especially focused on helping supervisors and trainers.

Watch the sneak peak now, and read more about this and other selections: SUPERVISOR/TRAINER SKILLS, CASE CONCEPTUALITION, QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEE

A selection for Saturday Late Afternoon, July 2nd from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m. is the panel discussion:  

"Culture and Subculture: Diversity and the Language of Modes. Empathic Attunement in a Global Community" 

A "Sneak Peak" by Wendy Behary

- Click picture above to see interview -

Wendy Behary will lead a panel discussion together with Offer Maurer, Tunde Vanko, Carlos Rojas, Evangelia Anthis, and John Priestly. Topics include mode work with the LGBTQ subculture, machismo in Latin cultures, Anglo Saxon and straight men, and weakening the detached protector modes with dialect and tonal considerations.

Watch the sneak peak now, and read more about this and other selections: CULTURE & SUBCULTURE

One of 23 Poster Presentations for Thursday June 30th from 5:00 - 7:00 is: 

"The Polish Version of the Young Schema Questionnaire - Short Version (YSQ-S3-PL): Reliability, Validity, and Factorial Structure" 

A "Sneak Peak" by Karolina Staniaszek

- Click picture above to see interview -

Find out more about how the Young Schema Questionnaire - Short Version faired in a research study of the Polish version in reliability, validity, and factorial structure. Karolina Staniaszek gives a sneak peak of her poster presentation at Thursday's gathering.


"Perceived Parenting in Depression, Bulimia, Binge Purging Anorexia, Restrictive Anorexia, and Healthy Controls"

A "Sneak Peak" by Zsolt Unoka & Mara Richman

- Click picture above to see interview -

Zsolt Unoka and Mara Richman give a sneak peak to the results of their study, pinpointing differences and similiarities between major groups of patients. They will be joined during their poster presentation by Tamás Tölgyes.

Watch the sneak peak now to find out more about this poster presentation: EATING DISORDERS, MAJOR DEPRESSION & HEALTHY CONTROLS

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Vienna: the Past Pointing Toward the Future

If you have taken some time to review our extensive travel planner, you'll be rewarded: Since we announced Vienna as the host city of INSPIRE 2016, we have posted numerous activities and sights for you to enjoy during your visit. We have also assembled a list of some of the best restaurants and cafes, along with places to stay to delight every budget.

A better host city could not have given birth to our conference brand INSPIRE. From enjoying the delight of a Viennese coffee to hiking the steps of Stephansdom, Vienna truly has everything to offer participants of INSPIRE 2016

Review your plans now using our Vienna Travel Planner, and click the INSPIRE 2016 app for top sights and activities, all linked to Google Maps to make finding your destination easy: Vienna Travel Planner

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